Which one you prefer?



from E3 2004 , ID software will be releasing Doom 3 this summer . They give the official thumbs up to Nvidia saying that the game works fine in Geforce FX line of graphics card and the game will be capped at 60 fps .
visit Official Half Life 2 website .

Which one of the two games do you support ? please post the latest updates too


Both of them are great games - both will have their place in my hdd when they come out :slight_smile:

Just hope my FX5700U will be sufficient for decent gaming.


I think the choice is obvious!!
Long Live DOOM!!! :bow: :bow: :bow:


I’m just hoping my GF4 Ti4200 128MB card won’t go up in smoke. :sad:


I am greedy Both,:smiley:


I’m saving to upgrade to something a little more modern as soon as they come out and I have them in my hot little hands :wink:

My little 64MB radeon9000 just can’t cut some of the newer stuff. But now that I’m playing alot of games on my TV anyway … FPS (fixed at 24/30) and FSAA mean nothing since my 68cm TV’s low res + analogue do all the smoothing anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

X800 XT PCI-X, here I come :smiley:


None of them. FPS sucks.


I SECOND THAT! :iagree: :bow:


I hear ya :sad:


new update : Half Life 2 game will be releasing on 1st of September 2004 .


What country? Knowing Australia it will be later than that :sad:


Australia… Hmmm, lets try 1st of January 2005, and then that’s being optimistic :stuck_out_tongue:


Get it imported then! Heh…