Which one to trust, LG GSA-4160b or Optiarc 7200A?



Been using LG GSA-4160B for about 3 years now, never had any problems with it. Now I bought Optiarc 7200A. Which one is more reliable on scanning burned cd quality? Cd’s burned with Opti result high amount C2 errors when scanning with LG, but any LG burned cd results zero C2 in Opti, also ones burned with Opti result zero C2 with Opti. Is this an issue with LG’s reading capabilities or what?

LG is quite old but have failed only couple burns in it’s life span(and it has burned a LOT). Opti already failed one disk, even I got it today and burned only 9 cd’s with it, at 8x. Using Verbatim Azo CD-R 52x Made in India. Maybe I got DOA Opti? Any ideas about this?