Which one to get?

ive done a few searches but all i find is varying opions, i just wanted a quick list of what dvd burners i should look out for, i wanna buy one in the very near future and was hoping someone could give me a list of the models at the moment that seemt o be the favourite with the people on this board,

A very quick list:

Nec ND2500a / 1300a
Pioneer DVR-107 / 106
LiteOn LDW811S / 851S
Plextor PX-708A

For reviews of some of these drives, go here and look at the Recording hardware subforums for more details. Or… use our search :).

Personal advice: NEC ND2500a

thanks :slight_smile:

i think all dvd writer at the mo at crap . problem with burning problem with playback in dvd player , firmware and the worse problem is the media ,give it about a year and they should be a lot better
its like cd writer when they first came out ,took some time to get it right