Which one to choose?

firstly, hy to everone in here, seems to be a nice community
secondly, i am going to buy a DVD writer but i dont know wich one to choose:

  1. Samsung SH-S182
  2. Lite-On LH-18A1H
  3. LG GSA-H12N
    which one do you recommend and why eg what are the main differences between them.

Welcome to CDFreaks, If you have a choice other than these drives I would recommand to buy:

  1. BenQ 1655 or 1650 or 1640
  2. NEC 4551, 3550

or if you have no choice then go for Lite-On

First, do you have other choices? If not, I would go with the LG.

You will find equal numbers of people going for each of the three brands. The only thing I think we will agree on is that you should not go with the 18X Liteon now that the 20X is out.

An important point to consider is if you want to do some testing with your drive or not. One of the important considerations by people in this forum other than being able to burn good quality dvd’s is also the ability to run scan tests on the dvd’s after the burn, and also how good and fast a ripper the dvd writer is.

That is why alot of people like the BenQ drives, because they not only produce quality burns, they can also do a lot of testing with them, and they are also good readers.

Of the three drives you have listed the LG has the reputation of having the best burns, but I have heard the LG burners have limited testing ability.

The Liteon is considered a good burner and Liteon drives have lots of tools to do testing. The burn quality for the fanatic is not as good on a Liteon, as it is on a LG.

I’ve also heard the new Samsungs are very good.

So to answer your question.

IMO I like the BenQ the best, if you can get a hold of a BenQ 1650 or 1640, I would get it.

Of the three listed, I would agree with chas and get the LG, but be aware that if you want to test your dvd’s after the burn for quality, you are somewhat limited.

But, since you can now get burners any of these burners for less than $35 at newegg, I would suggest you get a LG for burning, and a Liteon for testing and ripping.

:iagree: Great drive, I have one. Will burn everything you throw at it, silent burner and a decent reader.

Forget latest liteys LH-18/20 drives. They sound like airplane taking-off while burning/reading. Burn quality is mediocre at best leaving a lot to desire. Ofcourse you have all the “funtools” but that can’t weight it up.

Finally, get a BenQ 1640/1650/1655 while (if) you can. Just a perfect drive, no need to say more! :bigsmile:

[I]Edit.[/I] I see member [U]Bob G[/U] also gave you some very good advices. :clap: