Which one to buy

i am chosing between the following media:
prodisc 80min 50/100 spindle 48x(www.komplett.se)
Ritek White Top CD-R 100 spindle (www.bigpockets.com.uk) although those are only 24x certified
Bulkpaq X40 80 Min Branded White CDR
Pack of 100 discs (www.bigpockets.com.uk)
Bigpockets Branded X40 White top 80min CD-R 100 Pack(www.bigpockets.com.uk)
Datasafe X40 80 Min Silver Premium Classic 50 pack(www.bigpockets.com.uk)

i need 50 and 100 spindles so i wonder:
for 50 spindles i only can chose between prodisc 80min 48x and datasafe 40x 80min silver premium classic, which of those are better (last longer)
and then for the 100 pack… i can’t get taiyo yudens (well, 0.6$/each is too much) so i wonder if anyone has some info about those discs. I have a lite-on 40125s ´zs0n
Thank you very much,