Which one to buy? R210 or iP3000?

Wanting to print directly on discs, in Australia. Need to be durable enough for medium duty use - heard the tray on R210 wasn’t so durable… any recommendations?

also heard that the iP3000 needs to use other than the supplied software to print out past 119mm - is this true? can people give a comparison? the cost is almost the same here for the printer, seems epson consumables are a little more expensive (for the compatibles of course).

I have printed quite a few discs with the tray that came with the printer with no problems. Though those that have had problems have said that Epson are genrally good about seniding out a replacement.

What fo you mean by medium duty use?

well - i’m looking at … close to 40-50 discs every month? I think that’s about as harsh as it gets for me.

If you have access to good quality compatable inks, the Canon will be far cheaper to operate. I print that many discs on my IP4000 with no troubles. My IP3000 has been churning out high page volumes for over a year in my home office. The Canons also have full duplexing and 2 paper feeds if those things are valuable to you. I refill Canon tanks for about $.75US per tank.
It’s true that the Canon software will not go past 119mm, but Verbatim is the only one I’ve seen that’s printable to 120mm.

Sounds good - I think i’m more inclined for the iP3000 - i’ll wait to see if anyone else has anything to add before I order…

I’m not sure if you are considering other things but the ip3000 is a beter photo printer. Also, its cheaper to run ink wise, reguardless of if you use refill or oem ink (plus isn’t the r210 chipped?). I have heard that the ip3000 does a really nice job on disks but have only seen very limited evidence of that myself (I hacked my US version to print on cd’s but never got it working very well). All things considered (not just cd printing), I think the canon is the beter printer.

ripit - does chipped mean the cartridge … identifies with the printer and won’t work after a refill? or keeps a page count? or ink count? … how does it work - cos i did hear that it might be the case - but there was a way around it according to some :S

You can reset the Epson carts, most use a “re-setter” like the one at the bottom of this page: http://www.alotofthings.com/catalog/accessoriesandtools.html

Once empty, the Epson will refuse to print unless the cart is reset.

All compats are chipped I have used three different brands and have had no trouble for them. How much for a complete set of compts for the cannon? Just asking becuase using my local shops that sell them I can get a complete set of R200 compats for £7 ~$12 US.

Chip resetters are easy to get hold of. The ones on sale before the R200 came out work on R200 carts as I have used the one my friend bought for his C42 and never had a problem, though it was a Jettec one so maybe it doesn’t apply to all older resetters.

Yes I was talking about chips in the cartriges and yes you can get around them (just a little extra hassle finding and using the resteter). As far as canon ink, I have heard from many people that abacus (not sure I spelled that right) is suposed to be good and I think you can get them for about 2.50-3.00$ US each (the ip3000 takes 4). I think one of the cost advantages to canon is the higher ink capacity of the cartriges but I could be wrong on that (or more accuratly, I’m not sure what epson models that applys to). Personally I use refill ink because the canon cartriges are so easy to refill. Refills are about 1$ US (that includes empty cartriges designed for refilling, syringes, plugs etc. based on a 10 refill per color kit). The stuff I use has been independantly tested (by livick for fade resistance and dry creek photo for color gamut) and the fade resistance is nearlly as good, and the color gamut is in the same ball park (actually beter on some papers) compared to canon ink. There are cheaper inks but the stuff I get is top quality and a damn near perfect color match for canon ink. Unfortunatlly, it is not avalable in Australia but weink is suposed to be good too and is avalable there. If you are not concerned with perfect photos, you might be beter off just seeing what is avalable there if you chose the ip3000.
I’m not saying the epson is bad either. I just think the canon is a little beter and cheaper to run.

looks like the iP3000 has won over me … here we come for christmas!

The IP3000 is a very good reliable printer and the software included is very easy to use and print from.

We have three units and have done around 10-12,000 prints in the 6 months we’ve had them and they are very reliable, the trays are flexible and therefore unless you really bent them hard, they won’t break.

A major tip, only use the canon cartridges, the other brands are useless, and are a waste of time and money. I know, we tried them!

There’s certainly plenty of junk ink and tanks around, but using quality stuff shouldn’t cause any problems at all. In fact, Formulabs Canon compatable is superior to Canon in some applications. I’ve never used anything but compatables and have never had an issue with it. I’d have to say that paying Canon’s prices for ink is the real waste of money. $1.00 per tank vs $10-12.00 is hard to argue with. I certainly can’t see any difference in the prints.

Well…we tried compatible cartridges and they didn’t work well, we certainly could notice a major difference. Possibly the ones you suggested worked fine, all I know is the Canon ones do the trick for us. Enjoy…

Most readily available compatables use ink from different sources, so you never know for sure what you’re getting. Buy only from sellers that specify the ink’s maker, and you’ve won half the battle. Formulabs is widely accepted as the best for Canon, HP, and Epson. In the US, you can get it from www.alotofthings.com .

There are a lot of crappy inks out there. You have to be really carefull when using refill inks or compatibles. If you get good ink though, they work just as well. I have ran media street plug and play (inkjet goodies for most of it but it is now sold under the media street name) through my canon i850 (very similar to the ip3000) for about 5 years and it still works well on the original printhead (the carrage is getting worn out so it bands on photos though). I now also have an ip4000 and love it. It is possible that it is avalable internationally now too, since it is now marketed by media street.