Which one should i use dvd-r OR DVD+r?

Ok guys hear me out…iam confused at the difference. I would like to know the difference as to which one is better at store/playing avi/mkv files? Now if iburn them on dvd+R would it be better or worse to booktype. I always burn at 8x. Could someone help me out. Thanks. Also using TY btw :slight_smile:

DVD-R tend to be compatible with a wider range of “standalone” DVD Players.
If you just burn data (AVI/MKV) or any other PC data , DVD+R would be better .
Also , booktybe is only useful when you burn DVD-Video on +R format with the intention to playback on a standalone player .

The technical specifications point to +R as a superior media, but this is not significant in real world use. Bitsetting only applies to +R where it makes the media more compatible with older players. Different burners will have better results with one over another, but I have never seen a -R burn better than a TY 8X +R burn, given a good drive and firmware.

That being said, either one will deliver quality video and data storage. I go with +R but as I have 2 burners that do a decent job with TYG02 -R, I will get the -R as well but only when they are cheaper.

Standalone dvd player? I dont get what you mean when DVD-R is more compatiable i’ve seen people telling me the other way around.

What happens if i bookmark with no inteniton to playback on dvd player (aka avi/mkv files)?

stand alone player is the dvd player thats in your livingroom etc.

You are probably going to get different opinions from different people on this. Originally, there were two camps : one pro DVD-R camp and the other pro DVD+R camp. DVD player manufacturers were also split among those lines. Depending on which of the two sides a manufacturer was in, you’d get better support for that standard and poor (or even no support) for the other standard. A Pioneer DVD player would probably handle DVD-R discs better than DVD+R discs. A Philips DVD player, on the other hand, would have better compatibility for DVD+R discs.

That was a few years ago and this is now. Virtually all DVD players now support both standards quite well. With current DVD players on the market, it really doesn’t seem to make much of a difference which you use.

Just make sure that if you use DVD+R discs, that you booktype to DVD-ROM when writing.

Nothing really. Some old DVD-ROM drives which did not handle DVD+R discs would read them if you booktyped the discs to DVD-ROM, but that is about it. I currently booktype all my DVD+R discs to DVD-ROM, no matter what kind of data I store on them. Current DVD-ROM drives/writers in general, do not really care about the booktype.

So for TY, would you get better support using a DVD-R/CD-R then you would of a DVD+R/CD+R?

There is no CD+R format.
Better support? DVD-R/DVD+R support is equally good imo, if DVD+R is booktyped.

What I use depends on which burner I’m using :bigsmile:

Seriously, though…I use +R mostly, but I do have a couple of burners (LiteOn) that shine with -R media.

Compatability has never been an issue for me, as the standalones I use (Philips) tend to play whatever I chuck at them.

[B]Arachne[/B], does your SHW-1635S shine with -R?

So far…it’s been great with Prodisc F02, Maxell 8x -R (can’t remember the MID), and I’m about to try a CMC MAG. AM3 on it :wink:

Edit: Ah yes…the Litey likes those CMC MAG. AM3s :iagree:

I use both types (8x), depending on the writer I use and my mood that day :slight_smile: With my DVD players, it really does not matter at all.

One of these days I am going to have th try dvd+r started with dvd-r and have never changed

Same here.

I’ll have to try the +Rs one day, but the risk of them not working with my hardware will always be there.

I hope that someone will make a pack that only has 5 discs because in effect, I’ll probabaly be paying for discs that won’t work with my DVD Players and game console.

They do have those. I’ve got Verbatim and Sony 5pc packs. Those come in a box containing 5 discs, each in a jewel case.

Ok, so where did you buy them from?

I suspect it wouldn’t be of much help to you unless you live in Singapore :slight_smile:

Anyway, here are pictures of what the Sonys look like so you at least know what to look out for :


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Since you live downunder it shouldn’t make a scrap of difference. There hasn’t been a stand-alone player sold in Oz for years (actually now over 4 or maybe even 5) that won’t play either format (whether or not booktyped in the case of +R discs).