Which one should i get ? Lite-on 48126s or Sony CRX210E-10

Can anyone please suggest as to which one of either two should i buy?

Lite-on 48126s
Sony CRX210E-10

They’re the same other than the Sony has TurboBoost, but no Mt. Ranier while the Lite-ON has Mt. Ranier, but no TurboBoost. The firmwares are interchangeable and both can be overclocked to 52x24x52

So is it possiable for me to get the sony one & update it with Lite-on Firmware so that i can get Mr.Ranier ?

Look at the software that comes with the drive. LiteOn comes with a full version of Nero, and is usually cheaper.

But the sony ones are cheaper at www.dabs.com. :confused: I am not worried about the software

Yes, you can convert it to a Lite-ON to get Mt. Ranier Compatibility.

Ordered Sony from Dabs. Cant wait to get my hands on it so that i can try some overclocking :slight_smile: