Which one of the new Liteon drives is better

Which one of the new Liteon drives are better i want to make backups also. can you all list differences/problems/benifits
any one know

32X/12X/40X E-IDE CD-RW, SMART-BURN®, SMART-X, VAS mechanism

32X/12X/40X E-IDE CD-RW, SMART-BURN®, SMART-X, VAS mechanism

40X/12X/48X E-IDE CD-RW, SMART-BURN®, SMART-X, VAS mechanism

40X/12X/48X E-IDE CD-RW, SMART-BURN®, SMART-X, VAS mechanism

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The version ending on W uses P-CAV write strategy while the version ending on S uses Zone-CLV write strategy. The W version will then be faster than the S version.

They support doing the same things.

(The LTR-40125S have also P-CAV support and mt.rainier support with an unofficial firmware update).

so what do you suggest i buy of the 4

thx for the responce

th reason why i need a new drive is cause:
well i was playing broodwar for like 30 min and h hear a “POP!” look down and see that my drive face was blown off.

the disc broke in side and now the drive wont work.
i cleaned it out but now when i have a cd in there it sounds like something is rubbing. also 2/3 of the time when i reboot the drive doesnt get picked up by the bios when it does i let it boot it tries to go into XP but then system freezes. if i pull out the drive and unconnect it Windows boots fine.

i guess i will have to send it in for rma. if it is 50+ i will buy a new cd-r drive and throw that one away

Not all warranties cover damaged drives because of discs that have broken inside the drive. And if you opened it you probably broke one of the “warranty woid if removed” seals.

The LTR-32125W may be a good drive for the money.

Else I would have got the LTR-40125S or LTR-40125W.

Shouldn’t really matter.

Buy a LTR-32125S/w and then upgrade it with LTR-40125S/W firmware… or what do you think O-C??

…Also waiting, but for better media as well :wink: The ZS0G firmware still has to be fine-tuned from my experience…

Perhaps you might think of going in for a 40x reader, if you frequently use fragile disks. This would reduce the chances of having a disk break up in the drive.

Definately the 32125W is the best at the moment.

I have both the LTR-40125S & 32125W drives.

A 700mb disk is only 8 seconds faster to burn on the 40x.

I have no problems with any media in the 32x at full speed inc verbatim.

The LTR-40125S is noiser reading disks because it is a 48x.

The 32x is already a P-CAV unlike the 40x which you need a unofficial firmware update which seems to introduce writting errors.

The 32x may be able to be flashed latter on to a 40x drive when they fix the problems with the 40x.

Plus you save some money!!