Which one of the four PATA DVD writers would you recommend?



Hi all,

I want to buy a DVD writer, which would have a PATA (IDE) connection.

The four available models are:

Liteon IHAP122-19

LG GH-22NP20


Samsung SH-S222A

Which one of them would you recommend buying and why?

The main criteria is Read and Write quality.

Have heard bad things about LG drives (had one of them myself - it just didn’t work).

Have one Samsung myself, it works, but the read quality is very average.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I too had only bad experiences with LG drives :doh: so I’ll exclude both from my choice list.

If you can, I suggest to get both the liteon and the samsung :slight_smile:

If you have to get only one, my choice will be the liteon, because is the only drive that can do the quality test.

If you are not interested in quality tests, then go with the samsung :slight_smile:

What do you mean exactly with “read quality”? If the disc is readable, then quality is good anyway. Maybe you are referring to the reading speed?


Reading quality is measured by performing disk quality tests with Opti Drive Control or similar software. As for Samsung, the disc’s quality varies significantly during each scan.

I had a NEC 3540D a year ago. It was a wonderful drive. Sadly one day it just stopped reading discs. :confused:


If you are interested in quality tests with Opti Drive Control then the liteon is the best choice.

It is a reliable tester for DVDs :iagree: (too bad is not so reliable also for CDs :doh:)


I’ve had better experience with LG than you guys seem to have had, so that would be my choice, especially for burn quality. :slight_smile:

However, since you mention you’d like to do quality scans, I would pick the LiteOn - as mentioned by Geno though, they’re good DVD scanners, but not too good for scanning CDs.

The LiteOns that I’ve had, while not being the best writers, can certainly do the job fairly well if you don’t want to purchase an additional drive for burning duties, though. :iagree:


My old LG h55n has been very dependable, burns excellently, is very tolerant of all variety of media (can read almost any type/brand in almost any condition), & is quite durable as well.
Not proud of this: When I was still a newbie & placed a blank DVD-r, I can’t rememborex the brand, 2 of them were actually stuck together. Needless to say, the drive couldn’t detect the disc, even though I tried repeatedly for 2 or 3 minutes (still makes me shudder!) until I finally corrected the prob.
That was 2 years ago & it hasn’t missed a beat.


I bought the Lite-on and so far am quite happy for the decision :slight_smile:

It is by far a better reader than Samsung, soon I will test it as a writer :slight_smile:

Btw, unrelated, but TDK 003 is a pile of crap… good to know I have only about 20 of those, though.
After 5 years the PIF is jumping through roof… while the contents are still readable.

Thank you guys for helping me make my choice :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=RimZi;2503748]I had a NEC 3540D a year ago. It was a wonderful drive. Sadly one day it just stopped reading discs. :/[/QUOTE] I love NEC drives. They are so easily hackable. :slight_smile:


I used to always use poineer but got away from the they are not a good as they used to be using lg now