Which one, LH-20A1L or LH-20A1S?

Looking to get Liteon DVD burner and a little confused with model names.

I would think LH-20A1L is the one to get, but it’s actually cheaper than the LH-20A1S at the shop I’m looking at getting it from.

So a little light on the issue would be good, thanks

20A1L is the same as 20A1S, but with added LightScribe function. So if it’s cheaper, you’re getting a good deal.

Thanks, what I suspected, appreciate you confirming it

"… a little LITE-ON the issue… " indeed! LOL (BTW, thanks for “enlightening” me, as well, Cressida. Cheers! http://club.cdfreaks.com/images/smilies/6/biggrin.gif)