Which one is your choice?lg-lite.on-nec..SOS



dear friends
i am going to buy a new dvd-rw
i read all of the topics
at the end there are three dvd-rw which i select
what do you think whichone should i buy?

lite-on 1673s
nec 3540

i know benq but i couldnt find it so here is the choice,help me to pick up pls:)


Out of those 3, I would choose the LG.


almost nec 3520 is the most popular one but why isnt nec 3540 popular as like 3520?
and are lg’s disc quality results enough good to make a movie arcihives?


Don’t know if its firmware issue, or the hardware changes, but the NEC3500 is the best of the NEC’s, and the 3520 seems to do well, but haven’t seem much good yet about the 3540.


The only things to say against the LG (I have one, along with Benq 1620) are :-

  1. Permanent bit setting not available. Nero etc generally will resolve this anyway.
  2. Disc quality scanning also is not available.

In time the NEC3540 will probably be a great burner (like the 3500) once firmware updates start to flow but if the 2 points I raised don’t bother you then get the LG. It certainly works fine for me.


if disc quality scanning is not avaliable,lg goes to trash

now lite-on and nec avaliable

what do you think friends?


Either the NEC 3520 or the Liteon 1693. I have both. The 3540 does not have a stable firmware yet and with the 4550 coming in a few months it will most likely take a while. The 1673 can be firmware flashed to the 1693 but it still has problems and is old stock.