Which one is the best?

Hi, im about to get a drive for a new PC, the drives available in my city are this:

LG GH22NP20 (this one im not sure)

My question is, which one is the best? I use Verbatim 16x DVD-R (Taiwan MCC), and i burn at 8x or 11x depending on the files.

I have a Sony DRU 810a (excellent drive) and want that the new drive be as good as the Sony that i mentioned.

Sorry if my english is bad hehe.

Hope you can help me.

Check out this review:


You should be able to get excellent results with the Verbs.

[I]“LG GH22LP20 is a solid performer and an excellent choice for reliable CD and DVD burning at record speeds. It effortlessly produces quality burns faster than most other drives to date. We highly recommend it.”[/I]

Excellent review, helped a lot.

But theres one thing… the review says that the reading speed is only 6X but is this the speed in every burn (data, audio, video) or only for video like a movie? A DVD video is a DVD burned only like movie or that contains video files like .avi?

How important is having more than 6x speed? I want to use the drive as reader/writter not only writter.

If im correct (and if i did understand…) the reading speed is about average in most drives when is about a data DVD (included video files avi, wmv,etc).


What they are talking about is reading data. In this case it would be to copy files from DVD to your hard drive or other place. I think this is good, because nothing get missed on reading from burned DVD.
DVD when it play movie, run at 1X speed.

So, whatever i copy from a burned DVD to my hard drive, will be copied at 6X, even if the data is not a movie, i mean music, videos, files, etc?

So this slow speed is also good cause can recover the data more effectively?

I think is a good choice if i got this explanations right hehe. I’d like to hear what you think about the other drives i’ve mentioned.

And i guess that every video file is played at 1x, am i right? And that the only disadvantage of the 6x is to wait a few extra minutes (how many?) than in another drives when i rip a DVD or copying data?

Thanks a lot again. :bigsmile:

You got it right.
As for other drives, it is best to Google drive and see what people say about it.
I have a couple LG drives and they work just fine.
I used to have Sony ( I think it was 805 model, long time ago) and had a problem with it. It would produce a “blue screen of death” on start up. Could not figure out if it was interfering with other drive or what, so I got rid of it.

Yeah, lately i’ve been reading reviews about some sony drives like the AD that i mentioned, and theres a lot of people that call that drive “junk”, in this case my Sony drive is excellent.

Unfortunately i didnt found reviews about that drives in the first post of the thread.

I think, i’ll choose the LG, i dont feel comfortable buying something that i dont know how good it is.

I’ll appreciate if anyone want to recommend anything else or have any advice.

Thanks for your help.

Yeah, lately i’ve been reading reviews about some sony drives like the AD that i mentioned, and theres a lot of people that call that drive “junk”, in this case my Sony drive is excellent.

That was then. Lite-on has dragged down the whole industry as everyone had to cheapen their drives to compete. These days what difference does it really make as most bulk drives can be had for about $23. First sign of problems I just get another. Also note it seems that most newer 22X Sonys are re-badged Lite-ons. Seems another manufacturer just gave up.

And what about the LiteOn drives? Good drives?

The sony drive i mentioned is a optiarc drive i think, a brand/manufacturer never heard before.

Thanks for your help.