Which one is the Best DVD R\RW DL?

Which one do you consider the best DVD R\RW drive between the following 4 drives?

1- Pioneer DVR-A08XL 16x DVD±RW
2- BenQ DW1620 16x16 DVD±RW
3- Lite-On SOHW-1633S 16x DVD±RW
4- Plextor PX-712SA SATA 12x DVD±RW

There are many forums I have read, I have also read the reviews, and these 4 are on my Top 4 list. I chose these 4 by reading the forums and the reviews of each drive; however, there are no Forums that actually are dedicated to say which one is the best and why.

I need some help deciding which one I want to buy, I am looking for Quality, Performance, the ability to Copy different Medias including Movies, Programs, Games (PS2, Xbox), and definitely price, all together in one.

Please, let’s be clear and explain why is that we choose one.

From what I have read in these forums (am a newbie on this subject), I’d say the BenQ…

Don’t really have sound arguments, it is just my feeling based on the comments in these forums.

Thank you Da Taxman

I am also (sort of) a newbie, but the forums contradict themselves sometimes arguing the Lite-On is good some other forums say It’s bad or really bad and the same with other brands.

You may want to add the NEC 3500AG in order to get a more balanced view.

Why would you have Plextor on the list? IMHO the quality of their DVD burners are in the toilet never mind lack of features. :slight_smile:

I’d add the LG and the NEC to the list.

However, my vote is for the BenQ1620 since I have so many DVD+Rs.

From the BenQ, I like the out of the box bitsetting, write quality testing, etc…

Does this Plextor even burn at DL media? I thought it does not

What about the two threads already stickied at the top of this forum? They have polls, too…