Which one is the actual movie?

I’m trying to backup Man of the House and I’ve already ripped it using DVDDecrypter to my hard drive. It has 21 different sets of VOB’s, IFO’s & BUP’s. How can I tell which is the English version of the movie? I know it has french version and some previews…

The english & every other version of the movie are in the same set of VOB’s.

You need to load the right ifo … and you can tell which track to rip by the fact that the english version will have 5.1 Audio & will be greater than 1.5hrs .

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Suggest using a computer software DVD player program similar to PowerDVD to view the individual Title/Chapter sets to find out which Title/Chapter is the main movie.

To identify what audio streams are what suggest viewing the below thread and note comments in posting #6.


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I also tried backing up Man of the House - wish I had never bought it - terrible film - anyway back on topic - even if you strip out all the extras the film is still too large to fit onto a DVD - you will have to use a program such as CloneDVD2, Nero Recode or Shrink (or 1 of the many other ones out there) to compress it down to size. That way it will also include all the proper file stucture.