Which one is faster and more reliable in the long run?



Since the Lite On 40X burner (after the firmware upgrade) will be using P-CAV writing method. I would like to know will I get burning performance if I buy a Lite On 40 X burner right away instead of wait for the arrival of TEAC 40X burner arrive in Canada next week ??


I’d advise you to wait for the firmware to come out so that we can be certain that it does P-CAV…
Altough I’m very certain that it will.


HI Airhead,

I think I am going to pick up a Lite On 40x burner today.

Wish me luck.


Oh I don’t think you’ll need any luck, but I’ll wish you anyhow :slight_smile:


Jujst connect the new Lite On 40X burner to my Windows Xp PC. It works out fine so far with no coasters so far.

Hope the new firmware to support Mount Rainter and P-CAV soon.

Have a nice weekend, guys !