Which one is best Quality scanner?

Which one is best Quality scanner ?
Is it BenQ 1640/1650, NEC 4550/4551, or … ???


Plextor drives, liteon drives, and benq drives are the best scanners.

Not all NEC drives are able to do scans (sorry, I don’t know what are able to do)

liteons are very tolerant of certain aspects of errors so they might be able to read discs that other drives fail on
plextors are slow as hell with scanning since it has to do PIE, PIF, jitter/beta and TA separately. its jitter results are almost useless, but TA is helpful.
benq’s jitter report tend to discriminate against mediatek and sanyo burns

I would have to say get all 3 :slight_smile:

but only if you are a real CDFreakers :stuck_out_tongue:

Add to the above summary, that BenQs are inconsistent with TYG02 and Liteons do PIF errors at 1 ECC whereas BenQ uses 8 ECC.

Please remember that quality scanning is a relative measure. This means you can compare scans of different burns when scanning on the same drive. As such, either BenQ or Liteon will do just fine, taking the exceptions into account.

My recommendation for a scanner would be a Lite-On. I’m not overly fond of the drives themselves but I have to admit I really love the read-outs of K-probe. Very straightforward and easy to interpret.

First quality for a scanner is consistency, i.e. not giving wildly different results with each pass for the same disc.

Which excludes about all NEC and Pioneer drives, except the 3540A for NEC and 110/110D for Pioneer (not even sure about the latter).

Plextor, Benq and LiteOn are consistent scanners, and all three have their stronger and weaker aspects for testing… Plextor scans take ages, so unless you’re very patient it’s not very handy. This leaves the Benq and LiteOn drives. Pick one and get used to it :slight_smile:

Is is true that Lite-On better use K-Probe than Nero DVD Speed (Quality Scan) ?

Which model/series ?

Kprobe is only for Liteon drives. CDSpeed will work on both BenQ and Liteon for quality scanning.

get a benq 1640 or 1650 so you can measure jitter and have a good burner also

So far, any BenQ up from the 1620 will scan, however I would avoid the DQ60 as it is a Teac design and is not BenQ in quality. I also would not be surprised if it would not scan.

Any of the current Liteon models from 1693 up should be fine. Remember, we are talking burners here not ROM drives.

I got lucky!

Not really. The problem with non scanning drives is not when scanning the same discs. But at least some NECs will tell you something about the quality.

the pif graph matches with the benq 1620, my regular scanner

Is it possible to do Quality Scan on DVD-RAM (not drive) ?

Makes no real sense actually, results are not useful. :wink:

Yes, I’ve noticed that a few 3550/4550 units are consistent. Not the majority, though, so these drives can’t be recommended for scanning. Not only because of this, but also because the PIE reporting of NEC drives can be very misleading for users not familiar with scanning and its interpretation traps. My 3540 is extremely consistent and a very “usable” scanner, but I woudln’t recommend it either for the same reason.

About which Benq and/or LiteOn models to go for, Chas0039 said it all :iagree:

My opinion differs. IMO that’s the very reason why most NEC drives are useless for scanning: inconsistency. The rest would only be a matter of getting used to the drive’s way of reporting errors.

I should have allowed for your experience with NECs. As I never scan with them, you, of course, know more about NEC scanning. I was speaking more generally.