Which one is best cooler for pc?

hello everyone
i need a colling fan or heat sink type thing for my hard drive and vga card.
i have geforce 6200 256mb card…do u think it should need better fan then its original?
hard dirve IDE: 1 250gb western digital
room temp: 36c
current hard temps : 42c and 47c resp
so tell me any cooling solution…
i have checked few links … check them out too


Are you having any problems with your video card? or HDD?

If your not having any problems and are just concerned, I wouldn’t be too worried. If you want a simple upgrade for your computer then look into upgrading your case fan, that will help cool everything in your case. Most cases only have an 80mm fan exhausting, if you know how to cut the soft steel (using tin snips) you can accomodate a 120mm fan (preferably one that move at least 70cfm of air). If not, they do make 80mm fans that have a high cfm rating, but they tend to be louder.

Another thing to do is clean the dust out of your case, use compressed air to blow off the dust that settled on the motherboard and heatsinks/fans.

Best thing to do is just provide adequate case cooling.


The Panaflo fans are by far the quietest for the CFM delivered.

If your case has a intake fan in the front, that should already be blowing on the hard drive and the vid card. If it doesn’t, but there’s a space for one, put one in but don’t overdo it.

well my pc is too old to be upgraded…so i will buy new pc next summer.
you mean to say that heat sinks which i mentioned are not as useful as 80mm fans ???
how much dust can decrease perfomance of ur pc?
i have dust problem with my pc …but after ur advice i will keep an eye on it…so can u tell me the ideal temp for hard disk ?
when sys boots my hard temp is 23c. but within 10 mins it increases to 34 c. and it get stable at 41c.

any comments ???