Which one i take?


i have a Plextor 24x and i am going to buy a new write for my brothers and it’s going to be the TEAC 40x.

and my question is : which one better the TEAC 40x or Plextor 24x in :

1- Quality.
2- options
3- protected CDs
4- Audio CD Quality
5- less C1 and C2 error

i hear that TEAC have a great quality writing like Plextor.

because if the TEAC is better than Plextor 24x i will take the TEAC and give m Plextor 24x to my brothers.

and i don’t care about the speed.


Under my personal consideration ,the question is a litle light …

The people that they trust Plextor burners they do have some good reasons …
About other burners than Plextor you should ask in other places .
Its nothing to do with personal feelings ,its just common logic .