Which one for scan CD-media?


For DVD and BD I use Benq 1640 and Liteon iHAS 112 2

But what should I use for CD-media?

I read long time ago that the Benq 1640 is also a good CD-scanner. My alternative is a Liteon SOHR 5238S, not sure about scan-ability.

I suggest using the BenQ DW-1640 and the Advanced scanning tab in Nero CD-DVD Speed (or whatever is the equivalent in Opti Drive Control). This will produce the most comprehensive CD scan of any commercial drive I can think of.

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Any suggestions about scanning speed?

[QUOTE=Wischmop;2694856]Any suggestions about scanning speed?[/QUOTE] I’ve mostly been using 32x on my BenQ DW1655, which is fairly fast without stressing the drive/disc to its limits.

In theory 16x might be the most “fair” scanning speed since it’s Constant Linear Velocity, but in practice it didn’t seem to make much of a difference to me, and I prefer using less time on the scan.

Yeah, I think I´m choose 32x P-CAV

Thank u :slight_smile: