Which One for Ripping Movies

Hi to all i would like a burner just to rip and wright movies
I am between 812s and 832s which one should i get?
I don’t care about DL+9 disks at the moment
Thank you all

If the 832S is not much dearer then get that one. From what I have seen, it tends to have less PIF spikes when burning at 8x. If it’s significantly dearer then get the 812S and upgrade it to an 832S anyway, using the firmware on my site.

Thanksss CodeKing, I have just bought 812s for 50Euro and a Pioneer 108 for 100 Euro. Could Not resist. I will post my results soon. (Hope It was a Good Move)

I’m sure it will be. The 812S will be great for doing [post=678310]KProbe v2.4.2[/post] scans or Nero CD-DVD Speed scans, which the Pioneer cannot do. A good combination of drives. :slight_smile: