Which one for reader?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I was hoping to get some peoples opinions on which reader to use for backing up new safedisc 2/3 or the new securoms.

 I already have a Toshiba 1712 DVD rom, cause I heard its a good drive to test your backup to know if it works.  

 I was thinking of also getting a Liteon 166s DVD rom, just for reading images of the games I want to backup.  I've heard of some people having good luck using this drive to read the images.  

So what I’m wondering is, should I just use the Tosh for reading the images, or go get the Liteon for that (it doesnt cost much in my area at all).

I also have a Plex Premium and a Liteon LTR 5232s, should I rather use one of these for reading?? I know the Plex is a good reader. Which One??!?? :bigsmile:

Hi mate,

The LiteON 166s is a very tolerable reader while the Toshi is a very accurate reader. I would reccommend getting the LiteON 166s for testing and the toshi for reading.

Hi cyber,

Thx for your reply. Ya I’ve heard that the Tosh is very accurate and the 166s is more tolerant. But you think use the 166s for testing? Wouldn’t a backup more likely fail in the Tosh, to give me better idea if the copy is good? If the 166s is more tolerant, a “bad” backup may work anyway right? I don’t want that, I want to know if the copy is good.

But as far as reading an image for a backup, I guess I’m still a bit unclear as to which drive is better for reading like safedisc 3.x, with all the reading errors. Also for the new securom.

Do you want a tolerant reader or the accurate, unforgiving one?? Cyber, or anyone else have any opinions on this? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Tolerant readers are very good for reading game backups.
Accurate readers are when you want to make an image file of the game.

Hey Merther :bigsmile:

OK, so I do want a tolerant reader like the 166s to read images of my game backups.

And the accurate reader, like the Tosh, for reading image files of the game?? Not sure exactly what you mean. Do you mean just to have an image that I’m NOT going to burn?? Like an image to mount only from HDD?
Or do you mean use the Tosh for TESTING the backups that I make with the 166s?

Please clarify a little if you could, it sounds like your saying use them both for the same thing. :slight_smile: :bigsmile:

I think that merther is saying that the toshiba is best for reading a protected disk in order to create an image to burn as a backup, whilst the liteon is best for running the backed-up disks.

Use the toshiba as your reader, but you could still purchase the liteon to test any backups that you make. :slight_smile:

Ah thank you CD :bigsmile:

So I’ll try and use the Tosh to read image files of my games to burn…great :slight_smile:

One thing though----so you say use the Liteon for running the backups. Doesn’t a backup that maybe isn’t so good, actually still run maybe in the Liteon?? Just because it’s so tolerant?

The thing is-- if I don’t have a “good” backup, I want to know about it. I don’t want a backup that will only work in my Liteon, I may not always have that drive anyway. I’ve heard that the Toshis are very likely to fail on a backup that isn’t quite “good”.
Am I right in my thinking here? Set me straight somebody :bigsmile:

The only way to find out is to try…

Yes it is true that the toshiba is very picky and will fail those that aren’t “good” backups. But since it is getting more and more difficult to create perfect working backups of the latest copy protections, having a liteon DVD drive is very useful for playing them if all else fails!

Just my opinion of course.

You should use :

Toshiba :

For reading disc topology(reading into a BWA file)
Subchannel copy protections(SecuROM, LaserLock, etc.)

LiteON :

Reading SafeDisc protected games
Scratched CDs

Yeah I must admit the LiteOn 166s does allow some copies of dubious quality play to.

Personally I refuse to read any image with it though. For that I use my trusty Asus 5224a :slight_smile:
It skips past SafeDisc errors lightining fast :slight_smile:


OK, thanks for the information everybody, youre all great!! :bigsmile:

I’ll give it a go with the Tosh to read my images. I can see what you’re saying too Cyber, about the scratched discs, the Tosh may be a little TOO accurate when it comes to that.

One question for you Cyber, or whoever else may know. Why not use the Tosh for safedisc? Are they known to have issues with the safedisc errors? Or are you just saying that the Liteon will push through them quicker?

If they both do the job, I’d probably just use the Tosh, even if it takes longer, and not even buy the Liteon.
I already have a Liteon LTD163 in my other comp, which I’ve heard has similar characteristics of the new Liteon DVD’s anyway, just in case I need it.

It does take longer with your drives than the lite-on ones, but speed doesnt really matter when you want a quailty copy.

Yes, they are known to skip the read errors quicker, without losing any quality.

OK :bigsmile:

Thanks gentleman for your input! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: