Which one do you think is the best media player?



[B]Playon HD media player more info click on the image


O!Play Wireless Media Player more info click on the image


WDTV live more info click on the image

[/B] If you have opinions about other media player i will be happy to read more about them :slight_smile:


the [B]xtreamer[/B] would be my choice, but if i could i would have gone with a pc playing all my videos and music files.


The Popcorn Hour C-200 seems to be the top of the pile at the moment, but given it’s price tag (c. £280 before HDD, Blu-Ray etc.), I’m inclined to agree with vroom and suggest a PC.

For a media-player PC the CPU and mobo can be fairly old as long as they support the graphics card and sound card that you want. You’ll probably want a graphics card with HDMI out (1080p) and a soundcard with digital coaxial/optical pass-through if you have a surround amp and/or component out if you have a PC surround system. Other than that, a basic HDD, wired/wireless LAN depending on location and a wireless optical mouse to control it from your armchair. One other consideration is fan-noise, so you might want to invest in a moderm PSU with low-noise fan.

I haven’t fully spec’d my media center PC yet, because I’ll want it to do video processing as well, which means I’ll want a better CPU and 64-bit architecture… a job would be handy first, though :slight_smile:




Hummm, i wounder why WDTV was famous all of a sudden?!


Maybe it’s the name that provides some extra safety, plus the wd media player is a good product, but the xtreamer has a usb wifi antenna and you can put an 2.5" hdd, if the wd had all this i would love to buy it, but for now i will stay with the xtreamer.


Since my last post I’ve made a start in spec’ing a budget multimedia PC:

  • Antec NSK2480 (virtually silent case and PSU with 12cm fan, that looks nice too)
  • Asus AM3 AMD 785G DDR2 mATX A L motherboard (Gb LAN, 7.1 surround with digital optical out, and 1080p HDMI output onboard)
  • Kingston ValueRAM 1GB KVR DDR3 NonECC CL7 DIMM
  • Western Digital 500GB Caviar Green 32MB SATA (almost silent drive)
  • AMD SEMPRON 140 2.7GHZ AM3 1MB 45W
  • Belkin Wireless Lounge Mouse (for armchair control)

I’m in the UK and I found most of the components cheapest at www.dabs.com, although they don’t stock the Antec case. The above build comes to around £250, which in comparison to the Popcorn hour is very reasonable IMHO.

You could shave a few pounds off the build if you go for a cheap case with a noisy PSU (not exactly what you want sitting in your lounge next to your TV, though!)

For a few pounds more, I’d add:

  • larger HDD (the 1.5Tb drive in the same range currently offers the best value)
  • a better CPU (the AMD ATHLON II X2 240 2.8GHZ AM3 is only another £15)
  • more RAM (up to 16Gb supported)
  • a Bluray drive (c. £50)
    If you really want to go to town, splash out on a twin tuner digital TV card and use the system as a PVR too, though you might want to go for a better multi-core CPU to avoid any bottlenecks.

I found an excellent resource here for silent components, which was my starting point.




I recently got the WDTV live and I like it but it does have it’s issues. Networking on win7 takes some work arounds to make shares visible, and if I turn it off it take sit about 6 minutes to reload and see my network shares to boot.
I also added a 1.5 terabyte Seagate external USB drive to it and that works fine, videos play correctly and all that but moving files over the network at 100 is dirt slow. I finally just grabbed the drive and hooked it up in here and transfered all my saved videos and things, still took a few hours over USB but would have taken days over the network.
It sometimes has audio timing issues that you can usually fix by fast forwarding and rewinding till it syncs back up. It will down-convert DTS and other audio formats to stereo or will send it out to your receiver/decoder so you can have full 5.1 sound, your choice.
It would be nice to have a internal drive built in but for around 100 give or take it was the best fit for my budget, plus it was available locally so I could easily return it if needed. People are making hacked firmware for it and WD seems to be updating the FW regularly, though they did break some units with a bad update a while back, and offered to replace them.
All of those units have a following and all of them seem to work well but they all have issues and things they are better at then the others so you might want to hit AVS.com and check the forums to see which one would make you happiest.


I have WDTV G1 and what is bothering me is that it doesn’t support .DTS audio but overall it’s very good :slight_smile:


Well the live definitely will down-convert to stereo for your TV or you can set it to output digital and it will send it to your receiver/decoder.
I have watched a lot of captures of TV shows that play 5.1 through my stereo, or I can just set it to analog and it plays 2 channel on my TV.
I also have some weird animae my friend gave me and Loony Tunes collections that play nicely over the wired network or on the USB hard drive I added. I don’t have any issues with the sound on those either.
They are in DIVX, MKV, 264, and MP4 and all seem to play fine except for the occasional audio sync issues.


Asus O!Play Air is a very nice unit would prefer it over WD’s HDTV


Has anyone tried the Seagate media players? They look interesting, but finding outside information is difficult.


Two of our community members have written a user review on the Western Digital WD TV HD Live, you can check it out here:



I don’t have this one but one person posted it worked well for them.