Which one 7201S or 7203S

i have asked a similar question today but didnt know there was a 7201S!
what are the differences in the two models?:rolleyes:

Sorry but i have just found out the difference a couple of posts down!
Sorry i normally find all my answers by reading myself.

So now i know the difference are there any differences in these writing reading,are either of these drives mediocore at writing to medium quality DVD9 disks?

Good grief, please search!!!

There are Verbatim DL media and then there is the rest. In my experience, the rest are pretty poor on all drives.
Stick with Verbatim DL media and you should not have any problems.

i have read and searched and yes i did miss the first post saying about 7201S lightscribe etc.
I have asked about medium quality media,save reading bits and bobs scattered all over the forum.
Surely people asking a simple question and getting simple answers in one thread would be a good idea,then you dont get people like myself asking questions all the time.
Some people have busy lifestyles and cant get the time to spend reading forums.
thankyou for all your help
its not always easy to buy verbatim dvd9 media.
i have found medium quality media to be good always if used with DVR 212 215’s
But reading about the newest NEC drives maybe i thought i should try one of these,also it will prolong the lifespan of the pioneer’s
I was always an NEC lover till we left the 3500 series and went downhill a bit!
Thanks dee-27 for your help