Which of these?



Hi you all,

my NEC 2510A drive has just stopped working (I insert a blank media on it and it begins to make a strange and repetitive noise, and when I try to burn something it stops and starts burning all the time, causing the system to hang for a few seconds). I have just tried to upgrade it to firmware 2.18 (the same it had before) and it still doesn’t work…

I would like you to tell me which of the following drives do you recommend me to buy. I can get any of them in my local store and they are all about the same price:

LG GSA-H55/58NBBB 22,80€
LITE-ON LH-20A1H LS 30,12€
PIONEER DLX10 115D 27,70€
SAMSUNG SH-S182D 25,06€
SAMSUNG SH-S202N 24,97€

I need to buy a new writter soon, so I’m waiting for your answers to decide to buy one or another.

Thank you all, and greetings from Spain!


I would personally go for the Pioneer 115D or the Samsung 202N


A vote for the 115.


I would go for the…drum roll…Pioneer 115D.


Another vote for the 115D here, too. :slight_smile:


Get the Pioneer and the Lite-On with the prices as cheap as they are right now.


thank you all, I will buy the pioneer 115D. I hope it gives me a better result that this NEC, because the NEC has about 3 years, and my CDRW LiteON has more than 5 years and it’s still working like the first day…

thanks again, greetings!


115d Ftw! :clap:


I have both the Pioneer 115D and the Samsung 202J. I like both of them.