Which of these two would you get?

Out of these two, which one would be a better buy?

Memorex 16X 4.7GB DVD-R Spindle - 100 Pack




Fujifilm 100-Pack 16X 4.7GB DVD-R Spindle



Memorex :Z
Fuijfilm nearly as bad

SONY is better

Even the Playo DVDs on sale at Staples are better

Search and you can find Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden at about that price.

The Fujifilm should code out as RitekF1, which are OK.

The Memorex should code out as RitekF1 or CMCMAG.AM3. I’d take the AM3 over the Ritek.

I’d say if those were your only choices, go with the Memorex.

The problem with Memorex is you never know what they will code out as.
Fujifilm quality is not what it once was.

Is DVD-R a must?

for not much more you can get these and not worry about not so good media



Agreed - either Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden are much better choices. For everyday non-archival use media though, I would choose the FujiFilm if forced :slight_smile:

Mmm, definitely :iagree:

Yes verbatim would definitely be my recommendation.

Those two medias you mentioned can be made by a variety of different manufacturers. So you never know what you’re truly getting.

Those two media…Hmmm :disagree:
I better wait one more weeks :iagree:

Shipping to Canada might be costly. I live in USA and i order all my TY DVD’s from them.

Is Fuji +R an option? If so, opt for the 16x and pray for Prodisc R05. It’s decent stuff.

oops, cheers bob, i missed the .ca in the link.

can’t remember the stores name the folk from canada buy there media from :doh:

I cannot remember either :doh: :bigsmile:



:iagree: thats the one