Which of these two drives is better?



I’m still trying to find a clean iHAS524 or 624 “A” or “B” version since they seem to be the go-to versions of the xx4 series. But in the meantime I have an iHAS124F and a iHAS524D. I did CD and DVD burns on each drive, and then a disc quality scan for each, plus for the CDs a scan of each CD disc on my Plextor Premium. Based on what I see so far, I think the 524 might be better - at least for the CD and DVD blanks I used for this test. Would like opinions. I’m attaching in the following order:

iHAS124F - PlexTools CD checks, Nero check CD, Nero check DVD. The PlexTools C1 numbers are Avg/Sec: 0.6, Max/Sec: 15.0, Total: 2354. No C2 errors.

The next post will contain iHAS524D - PlexTools CD checks, Nero check CD, Nero check DVD


iHAS524D - PlexTools CD checks, Nero check CD, Nero check DVD. The PlexTools C1 numbers are Avg/Sec: 0.5, Max/Sec: 14.0, Total: 1947. No C2 errors.


They have a F revision of the iHAS drive’s now? Do you happen to know what chipset your drive has? I’d be interested in procuring one, if you happen to want to sell yours (if its still working/stock firmware/stock eeprom…I’d buy it barebones, or even trade you (I have quite a few drives, can crossflash them for you, I wrote the guide on crossflashing iHAS after A/B revisions (see sticky :P)

as for your question - let me glance over your graphs/data and i will post right back for you.

I have a A and a B iHAS drives as well as rebadges/clones i could crossflash to iHAS stock fw - i’d trade you for the F…or donate the F and ill get to work on Crossflashing that one, if it doesnt end up not being possible and I dont brick it, ill send it back crossflashed to whatever you’d like (pending the ability to put another firmware on it)


Also I recommend you check out a utility called kProbe2 - it does PI/PO checks for discs, and is generally the standard for the XBOX360 backup scene. It’s reveered as one of the most accurate quality checks available for LiteOn drives.

I hate/dont trust/whatever Nero…and PlexTools while good, really should only be used with plextor drives imo


the D revision is producing better results according to this, however your media could have alot to do with it.

I tend to use high quality media like Verbatim’s (Made in Singapore, NOT INDIA/TAIWAN/INDONESIA/UAE wherever they outsourced to now, the dye is not nearly as good, and the AZO is supposedly only active in the MIS) or something along those lines (DVD wise). They are generally highly reveered by the XBOX community (if you can’t tell, thats how i got started into firmware modification on Optical drives…lol

On the bright side, your D revision can overburn to 8.7GB as well! Download the BurnerMAX utility c4eva wrote ( http://team-xecuter.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=34 )


Typically to test my drives fully, I do a DL DVD burn, things like layerbreaks tend to show massive spikes in PI/PO avg/peak…it also allows you to see how the laser acts over longer periods of time.

If you have a dual layer DVD-R or DVD+R (xbox360 uses +R fyi) go ahead and try it out. Keep in mind if you dont use good media, you’ll get bad results, and it won’t be the drive’s fault. I’ll try and get some graphs/results for you to see what I mean here later this afternoon.

In the meantime, the writer of imgBurn (Lightning UK!) assisted us (on a different forum for XBOX360 modders) in coming up with optimal settings, and although its entirely drive dependent, it gives a great place to start from. Best of luck.

If you have any other questions feel free to post/ask/reply/whatever! :smiley:

Where did you come up with the speeds to use for your scans? 10x seems rediculously high, I mean i get its a CDR, but i generally use 2.4x or 4x, cause I know

Date                     : 8/16/2015 3:37:30 PM
Model                    : 1-0-2-0 G:PLEXTOR DVDR   PX-880SA  1.13
Disc                     : DVD+R DL , MBIPG101R12 [Moser Baer India Limited]
Speed                    : 8x
ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF)  : 8/1
Scanned range            : 0 - 4267020
Sampling count           : 244989
Errors                   : 0
PI Max                   : 499
PI Average               : 43.67
PI Total                 : 1371728
PIF Max                  : 23
PIF Average              : 10.71
PIF Total                : 336474

at 8x i get outrageous results that if they truly we’re that…the disc would not play in my XBOX or read anywhere…

im doing a 4x scan now…ill update with those results and show the difference (hopefully i dont put my foot in my mouth.


So that was the 8x i posted results from kProbe2…heres the same disc at 4x. (By the way i burned this with a Sony drive (Sony Optiarc Model AD-5280S - the overburning dvd combo drive) - I get way better results with LiteOn drives…well with a few of my drives at least, i haven’t tested them all.

Date                     : 8/16/2015 4:11:40 PM
Model                    : 1-0-2-0 G:PLEXTOR DVDR   PX-880SA  1.13
Disc                     : DVD+R DL , MBIPG101R12 [Moser Baer India Limited]
Speed                    : 4x
ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF)  : 8/1
Scanned range            : 0 - 4267021
Sampling count           : 245917
Errors                   : 0
PI Max                   : 358
PI Average               : 78.19
PI Total                 : 2434930
PIF Max                  : 18
PIF Average              : 8.21
PIF Total                : 255588