Which of these two cd-rw are best?



I have only 1 question left to ask !! Can the Sony crx160e read everything the Mitsumi 4805te can ie. subchannels etc and which 1 can read more (okay that was two questions) please help??? thanks (mainly be using it to backup dc,pc,psx games) it would also be v.helpfull if someone can also tell me which cd-rw burns which protection or give me a link to a site that does…ps i had made my mind up getting the Mitsumi but the sony has a 4mb buffer so a re-think in order:confused:


The new Mitsumi has an 8MB buffer

If you need more info on Mitsumi drives

Check out

and for users views (and new drive info)




cheers been there… thanx again…any info on which protections the above drives can copy would really be appreciated im really tearing my hair out deciding between the two ive been doing my cd-rw homework for 2 months it has finally boiled down to the CRX160E AND MITSUMI 4805TE (mitsumi for its ability to read most protections) but the sony has a higher spec speed wise etc and a great price here in the uk £94.00


Check out the forums above, I’m sure users there will tell you.
There is a post there that SD2 can be copied with Mitsumi Drives.


cheers bloke and thank you gamefreak for responses gonna go by gamefreaks safedisk 2 list http://www.geocities.com/pcp-freak/4cdfreaks/SafeDisc2.html…im definately goin for the mitsumi F*** it ive done too much surfin on this subject at last im going to dabs.com to order