Which of these readers to accompany my NEC 3500?

Looking to get some tests on my burns, you know, that pi/pif thingie :wink:
Below is a list of available readers in my area. Would you reccomend any of these? Does any of them support PI/PIF/KProbe scans? Not looking for a second burner, just want to be able to get some idea about the burns. TIA!

  1. SAMS SD-616 R DVD 16/48
  2. SONY DDU1621 (O/S) DVD 16/40
  3. Toshiba SD-M1912 16x/48x DVD-ROM
  4. Samsung SD-816BEPB 16x/48x DVD
  5. MSI MS-8216 16x/48x Tray Load DVD CD ROM
  6. LG 8162BK 16x/48x Tray Load DVD CD ROM
  7. Pioneer DVD-120S 16X DVD-ROM Slot Loading DVD
  1. Toshiba sd-m1912
  2. Sony DDu1621

Thankโ€™s GrrRon, the Tosh it is!