Which of these is Taiyo Yuden or similar quality?

i’ve been searching high and low. i finally gave in and ordered TY CD-R’s online. meanwhile, i’m wondering if these were good after all:
Sony 80 min. CD-R Music (with the Walkman logo), Made in Japan, sold at Target.
Imation 80 min. CD-R, made in India, red and gray label, 80 min., sold at Target.
Sony CD-R, Made in Japan, (forgot label color - perhaps yellow) sold at Best Buy.

thanks for any insight.

I would feel very confident about the Made in Japan Sony and much less about the Made in India.

great, thanks. if my online order doesn’t work out, i’ll end up back at best buy for those sony’s.

DL yourself DVDidentifier or DVDinfopro for free and you’ll be able to identify the mid codes of your media. The only true way of knowing what you’ve got.