Which of these IDE burners to combine with SH-203B?



Hi. I already have a few burners and will be installing two in to a new build. One will be a Samsung SH-203B SATA, and I have two IDE drives: Pioneer DVR-111D and Sony/NEC Optiarc AD-7200A. I’ve used the Samsung quite a bit for ripping audio and find it works nicely, I have done some writing but not much and the results have been fine. The speed difference between the two IDE drives doesn’t concern me.

Generally speaking I’d like to know which of those two IDE drives best complements the strengths and weaknesses of the Samsung drive. To make it harder :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t have specific uses in mind like having one drive as a pure scanning drive for example so I’m looking for all-around utility. Basically if there are things the Samsung doesn’t do well but one of the other drives does that’s what I’d like to know, but I’d also like to know the shortcomings of the two IDE drives. Knowing which to use for which task between the Samsung and the other would be nice as well. Having a wide range of media compatability overall with the Samsung and the other drive would be nice too.

If the two are close I’d lean toward the Pioneer just because I have used it once or twice unless there is notable advantage to the Sony/NEC. I’m also open to new or hacked firmwares although I haven’t done anything with the yet so you can take that in to account.

Also, please do not recommend yet another IDE drive, although I appreciate the sentiment I’ll be sticking with what I’ve got. And finally more neutral comments are best without regard to the brand, just the model, fanboy-ish responses like I see in other hardware forums don’t do me any good :slight_smile: Thanks!


The AD-7200A does just about everything well, and may even be a better drive than the Samsung, so I’d use that. The DVR-111 is getting a bit old, and doesn’t really offer anything or help compliment the Samsung that much.

Plus, one specific advantage of the AD-7200A is that you can use it to do quality scanning of burned CDs. The Pioneer can’t scan at all, and the Samsung is not a reliable CD scanner.


What [B]negritude[/B] said. :iagree:

Although the 111 is still a nice DVD burner.


Pioneer 111 is one of the best CD burners ever among the DVD drives and still a good DVD buirner too. NEC seems to be So not bad also for CD and is one of the best DVD burners, imho better than Samsung. Advantage of Pioneer CD burning, advantage of NEC you can use it for testing your burns, so some more extra use. Samsung can do this also but from my experience not really trustable all the time. So for me of the most use for you the NEC.


One more vote for the 7200A to complement your 203B :slight_smile:


Thanks! The replies seem pretty uniform with good reasons other than just ‘AD-7200 is newer/faster.’ I knew the DVR-111 is one of the best CD burners from when I got it but tbh I don’t do a ton of burning. The reliable scanning does sound like a good reason to use the AD-7200 as well. I’ll check the reviews again, one person said it’s close but is the general consensus that the AD-7200 is really close to the CD burning quality of the Pioneer?

Checking the reviews the first thing I see is neither of the IDE drives supports bit-setting for DVDs. So if that’s important for a particular burn I should use the Samsung? Or are there hacked firmwares to solve that? (I will check the specific forums, I just wanted to get that in before the post edit limit. *Looks like that shouldn’t be an issue, it even says so in the AD-7200 review.)


There’s bitsetting firmware available for the Optiarc AD-7200 here.

You can patch your Pioneer DVR-111D firmware to enable bitsetting using MediaCodeSpeedEdit (or even crossflash it to Buffalo firmware).


[QUOTE=Madman007;2170850]I’ll check the reviews again, one person said it’s close but is the general consensus that the AD-7200 is really close to the CD burning quality of the Pioneer?[/QUOTE]

Yes, the AD-7200A is a good CD burner as well. I think the Pioneers are a bit better, but the difference isn’t significant enough to make a real world difference. Plus, your Samsung is also a good CD burner, so you’re already covered in that department.