Which of these dvd would you prefer to buy?



i have to buy some media for my PX712A & Pioneer 108 and i’d appreciate a lot some help choosing which dvd get between these (according to price & media quality). Which would be your preferences, please?

25 FUJIFILM DVD+R 8x --> 9,90 € Media Code: YUDEN000T02 - Made:Japan

25 RICOH DVD+R 16x --> 11,99 € Media Code: RICOHJPNR03 - Made: ?

25 VERBATIM DVD+R 16x --> 18,40 € Media Code: MCC 004 - Made: ?

25 TDK DVD+R 8x --> 10,90 € Media Code: TDK 002 - Made: ?

Thanks in advance for yuor help


Fujifilm, nice price for TY media !


Yes! sorry your 2nd and 3rd choice?


For 8X to 12x the Fuji, for 16x the Verbatim 16x


The Made in Japan Fuji’s -=> Taiyo Yuden


I don’t have a Pioneer 108 and I haven’t tried the Ricoh or TDK media you mention.

On my Plextor PX-712A the Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC004) works excellently at speeds 6x and 12x (haven’t burned at 8x yet). I haven’t burned anything at 12x on my Plextor that has as low PIE/PIF values as the Verbatim DVD+R 16x!

The Fujifilm DVD+R 8x (YUDEN000 T02) is variable in quality and doesn’t always burn well at 8x and 12x in my Plextor, but it is absolutely unbeatable at 6x in this drive - as good as but not better than the Verbatim DVD+R 16x!

So if you don’t mind possibly having to write at 6x then the Fujifilm DVD+R 8x is a very good and affordable choice.

If you want the very best at high speeds you can go for the Verbatim DVD+R 16x.


Drage, where your Verbatim 16X are made ? sINGAPORE OR tAIWAN?


Made in Taiwan.


In order of recommendations.


Thanxs to all you. I’ll follow your unanimous tips: TY & Verbatim


I beg to differ … perhaps a f/w issue with the Plextor?

I’ve used literally hundreds of TYG02 Fuji 8x +R and I’ve yet to see a “bad” burn. PI normally averages <3 with no spikes above 15; And that is even at 16X. At 8X it is even better!

Definitely go with the Fuji. You’d be hard pressed to find better media!


I’m confused. :confused:

Are you talking about TYG02 discs (DVD-R) or YUDEN000 T02 (DVD+R) discs? I was referring to YUDEN000 T02 (DVD+R).

You also refer to burning at 16x which is impossible in the Plextor PX-712A (max burning speed is 12x), so did you mean 12x or are you burning with the PX-716?

And finally there can easily be a variance between media and/or the burner so that we both are right - I know I am right about my experiences on my own burner! :bigsmile:


i have neither drive but
yuden – good discs. for an 8x disc my 3500 will do 16x with little drama
ricoh – seems like they are going downhill ricohjpnr00 would do 8x on a 2.4x disc ricohjpnr01 4x would do 8x ok ricohjpnr02 8x would do 8x ok 12x passible and sometimes fail miserably at 16x so i would not be in a rush to try jpnr03
verbatim mcc004 – i have a few of these discs mine are cmc which is not a first tier producer like yuden (or even a second tier like ritek/ricoh)
TDK depending on wrapping can be either cmc e01, ricohjpnr02, or yuden t02. the ricoh’s have a funny spindle as do the yuden… different but both are funny looking. the cmc has quite a few spacers on top and is in a normal spindle

ricohjpnr02 spindle should show MIT:

yuden spindle ( i know it is a 100 pk but the 50s look the same and are labelled MIJ)

cmc note the high top edge and the amount of spacers (usually several) again labelled MIT:


well, the seller shows Mediacode for tdk dvd+r and it’s TDK002.
Actually i don’t know who really produces it, if TDK or some other (i.e. ricoh or cmc or ritek)


i would guess CMC. ritek makes ricoh. ricoh doesn’t make anyone else. CMC rebadges for a great number of companies. in either case i wouldn’t be interested in the tdk


Thanx cnelson. I’d like to go on about tdk manufaturers but i guess it would be off topic, so i’ll start a new tread about…see you there :bigsmile: