Which of these drives cover eachothers weaknesses

I currently have two “ancient” ODDs in my computer : LG GSA-4120B and GCC-4521B.
And they served me well, over the past 2+ years.
Mainly to backup 3D models I created with Strata 3D to DVD-RAM Type 2 and CD-RW.

Now I want to add some new drives to my PC.
I browsed this forum and looked at what drives the long term members have in their signatures. Then read their and other replies regarding these drives, to find out why they are favored.
Then I added my own preferences.
For CD/DVD ROM : Excellent and fast error correction and ripping. DVD-RAM Type 2 support.
For DVD RW : No Lightscribe, no Labelflash. Good to excellent burns. DVD-RAM Type 2 support. Quality scans. Less important : Excellent and fast error correction and ripping.

Media most often used by me : Verbatim/Infiniti MCC 003/004, OPTODISC OR8/R16 and Maxell MXL16 DVD-RAM Type 2 (single sided, removeable disc)

What I ended up with are these :

CD/DVD ROM drives :
Asus DVD-E616A3
LiteOn SOHD-16P9S

Lite-On LH-18A1P
Lite-On SHM-165P6S
Pioneer DVR-111
Samsung DVD SH-S182D

But there is a bit of information that I cannot find and now asking for.
To make up my mind I need some advice as to which of these drives would work well together.
Meaning they should cover eachothers weaknesses/asses, and make do-all Twins, Triplets, Quadruplets, Quintuplets …

Feel free to recommend another drive, but please backup your recommendation.
(Due to information overload I might have missed it.)

I won’t backup my choice but after looking here and thinking about the Pioneer DVR-111D, the Benq DW1650/1655 which was a little cheaper and the Plextor PX-755A which cost a little more I’ve finally decided now.

My bought? Lite-On LH-20A1P

I hope I will be happy, they said the new Benqs are the same drives as this one, noone seems to think the Plextors are anything special and I don’t wanna wait for the DVR-112.

That’s a good drive.
Problem being that I can’t find it IN-STOCK at (online) shops.
So it’s not included.
And I believe I read here at the club that a LH-18A1P can be successfully cross-flashed to a LH-20A1P.

Also I’m not asking/looking for the best drive.
I’m willing to buy more than one drive.
I need to know which drives complement eachother, like :
“Drive X is good at …, but not at …
You could add drive Y for this, because that’s one of it’s strong points.”

One I don’t need recommendations for is the “disc quality” scan. From my list only Liteon (maybe Asus/Pioneer) can do this. This determines that at least a Liteon drive has to be included.

I find LiteOn and BenQ complement each other well - good luck finding a BenQ these days though :frowning:

I have a LiteOn 1635S paired with a BenQ 1650 in one PC, and a LiteOn 165P6S paired with a Samsung SH-S182D and an external LG E10N in this one.

I personally would go for the LiteOn 165P6S/Samsung SH-S182D combo (both drives offer DVD-RAM), but that’s just me.

Regarding LiteOn-BenQ combo:

Both drives are great DVD burners, both offer disc quality scanning, but the BenQ is a bit better at burning CDs. The LiteOn is also a very good ripper (DVD and CD).

As for the LiteOn-Samsung combo…both are good drives, haven’t tested any CD burns from the Samsung yet though. Also, I’m loving my 18x Verbatim burns on the Samsung :wink:

Thanks for replying.

I guess I’m lucky, because it’s not too hard in The Netherlands : BENQ CD & DVD writers. I might buy a DW1650/55/70

I should know. Your signature made me add those two drives to my list.
Personally I had :
Lite-On SHM-165P6S paired with LG DVD GSA-H22N or
Lite-On LH-18A1P with Samsung DVD SH-S182D.

Considering my preferences, and your advice it would be :
Lite-On SHM-165P6S + Samsung DVD SH-S182D + BENQ DW1650/55/70.
But I might change this into :
Lite-On LH-18A1P + Samsung DVD SH-S182D + BENQ DW1650/55/70.

3 drives - excellent idea :wink:

Yeah, we can still find 1650s (haven’t seen any 1655s :sad: ) here in the UK, too.

I’d pick any of those two combinations myself, although I think I’d go for the 1650/55 rather than the 1670 (just personal preference though, I like my 1650s).

OMG, now I notice the “x2” after the 1650s and 1640s in your sig.
With all respect, but it looks your stocking up all the best DVD drive models that ever existed :cool: , to preserve DVD technology when HD-DVD and/or Blu-Ray are mainstream.

I’ll go for the 1650 : 1650 = Solidburn, no DVD-RAM, 1670 = no Solidburn, DVD-RAM.
Solidburn looks like a nice and useful thing to have.
Although DVD-RAM is important to me, it’s already very well covered by the other two drives. (And my LGs.)

So my choice is now narrowed to : Lite-On LH-18A1P + Samsung DVD SH-S182D + BENQ DW1650.
But I have a weak spot for LG drives. Always had good readable burns with the GSA-4120B, even on unrecognized or cr_p media.
Could never do a disc quality scan, but the discs were always readable in any drive.
So I’m still considering to fit in the LG DVD GSA-H22N somewhere. (God forbid.)

And it looks like all manufacturers are showing off and churn out their best drives as a last farewell to DVD technology.

Haha, me too - ever since my 4163B, which is the best burner I own, although it’s not burning as good as it used to. That’s why I got the E10N - just didn’t feel right without an LG attached to my system somehow :wink:

As for the burners I have…I need help, just can’t resist them :sad:

Edit: my excuse is, I’ll always have a spare - or at least a burner for each mediacode, LOL!

You are lost forever! :stuck_out_tongue: