Which of these discs



would you recommend for use with my NEC2510a?

I’ve been using some bulkpaq ones with no problems but am looking to buy some printable ones.
I usually buy them from here
I can only use -R discs as my standalone doesn’t like the + variety.


you should avoid buying bulkpaq they are realy bad media, they might burn ok but will deteriate very quickly.
i would recomend the Ritek`s as they have the ritek logo and should be very good or for top quality then get the verbatims.


thanks …



Totally agree with ako-

The Riteks look like the best bang for the Buck (Pound, Euro, Yen, etc) in your case-

I’ve burned like 180 +/- Ritek 8x -R’s (G05) and have not thrown a coaster yet-