Which of these companies makes good quality dvd -r's?

BenQ, Digitank, ELK, Hatron, Infinite, LG, Master , Memorex, MemoryMedia, Precisa, Ritek, Royal Disk, Samsung, Silver Line, SKY, Smart, SpeeData, TDK, teac, Verbatim, Maxell, Ricoh, Taroko, Nashua

I’m new to all of this and unsure on what to buy. I have an LG 4163B. These are the the brands available online in my country. I’ve heard good things about Ritek and Verbatim, and lots of bad things about memorex, silverline are manufactured by infomedia r20 and are rated 4x even though they are labeled 8x. Only the 16x versions of verbatim are available.
What do you recommend. Oh and silverline are by far the cheapest.

Those are brand names, very few actually make media. You might read around a bit here to learn how to identify media.

Either the Verbatim or Maxell would be the best bets for buying blind on the net.

If you were buying in a retail store, I’d just tell you to get either Verbatim (which is most likely made in Taiwan), or anything else that says “made in Japan”. But since you are buying online, stick to Verbatim, it’s the most predictable brand… your 4163 will reliably burn +R or -R 16x Verbatim in well under 6 minutes.

Infomedia makes good +R discs but 4163 burns INFOME R20 at 4x.

If you are willing to wait about 8 minutes per disc, Ricoh, Maxell, TDK and Memorex are good choices at 8x. The problem with Memorex is not that it’s low quality, but that you can’t predict what media you will get under that brand because they use so many suppliers. But since you are buying online, the same applies to TDK and Maxell, though to a lesser extent.

A bit more info here : the 4163B only burns Infomedia (Digitank) 8x discs at 4x because the firmware doesn’t support INFOME R20 at all. So when you try to burn that it ends up using it’s default burn strategy which only burns at 4x. However, the 4163B does have support for INFOME R30 in it’s firmware. That means it will burn Digitank 16x discs at 16x. So if you can find those, it’s not a bad buy.

The 4163B will burn Ricoh 8x DVD+R discs at 12x so that is quite a good buy as well.

Btw, I’m also using a 4163B myself.

dvd +r disks are more expensive, is there any reason why I would want to buy them instead of dvd-r disks? Almost twice as expensive actually, well at least the Verbatim are. Also I’ve found Verbatim disks online at three different places and one of them sells them for almost twice as much, almost 40usd for 25, is there a reason for that or what… So basically if I find Memorex or another cheap brand made in Japan, I should still get it?

Memorex will be made in Taiwan or India, but if you find any media that is made in Japan and is low-priced, go for it. 4163B burns 8x -R very well, and about 20-30 seconds faster than other 8x drives, so I don’t see any disadvantage to going with 8x -R, as long as it’s decent quality media like Maxell, TDK, or Memorex.

I concur. The other labels are just too much of a crapshoot.

Well I ended up getting verbatim -r 16x disks(mcc003 rg20) made in taiwan, I looked in all the local stores and none of them had any disks from Japan so I ended up buying at office depot cause they had the biggest selection.

Excellent choice! Among the best discs available. I LOVE them :stuck_out_tongue:

I would stay away from Maxell if buying on the NET, you dont know where it is made in and if made in taiwan, you get ritek, not my first choice of media. Verbatim is Decent. BenQ -R 8X might be sony 08D1 if made in Japan and that is a good media. -R TDK is decent if made in Taiwan (TTG02) and if made in Japan, then it is a superb media (TYG02). The rest of the brand you mentioned, I would stay away from those. If you are buying on the NET, I would recommend verbatim, the safest

“I would stay away from Maxell if buying on the NET”

Well, I found at least one vendor here in Europe who sells both -R 8x versions (Ritek G05 and MXLRG03) and clearly mentions it on the site. Nice :slight_smile:

Ritek G05 versus MXLRG03 is a HUGE difference. That is good to know.