Which of these 2 scans is best?

Just been doing some more playing with my NEC3500A and am a bit undecided on which of these two dvd-r scans is best. Both written at 8x

CMC MAG AE1, Good PI errors all the way, but constant low level PI fails

FUJIFILM03, Good PI errors at start, goes downhill at the end, few PI fails

So which do you think is best out of these 2 scans and why?
Or do you think both scans are fine?

I would say FUJIFILM03… PIF is much much lower…

Both scans are fine, but the PIF on the Fuji are incredibly low. What firmware are you using?

written on a 3500 with retail firmware 2.18
They probs look low as I have scanned at the proper speed of 4x max
(rather then leaving the setting on MAXIMUM)

How about a ProdiscS03 4x

nope the fuji wins, apart from the end where it totally loses it.

Why is the start button greyed out when I try to run a disk quality test? not compatible with my disks?

Like this:

Read the Big Nec FAQ

because the nec3500 dont have any quality test like lg liteon or benq…:wink:

oh Quikee2 was very quick lol…

Cant do quality tests with nec?

Haven’t I told you to read the FAQ :slight_smile: or do you question the FAQ :slight_smile:

NEC does not support Disc Quality tests. You can still do the tests if you have a 2nd non-NEC drive. There is a thread in the forum where you can link to the NEC website to request support for the Disc Quality Tests, or you can go directly to the site. Hopefully, if enough people request it, they will come up with a firmware that enables it to test. :iagree:

Given that the end of the disc generally seems to be the hardest to write to and the most prone to errors, I would have to say that the Prodisc S03 wins. Too bad they are so hard to find.

sarah i would suggest trying a different scanning drive for 8x media i found that the x11 series were not very accuratewhen scanning 8x media. my guess is that you will find that a 1620 benq or a 1633s will be better and as a plus if you go with the 1633s it rips dvds like a chainsaw

The CMC MAG AE1 is a marginal write because the PIF’s are exceeding the green safety zone, which is 4 on a LiteOn (and 16 on a BenQ 1620). I also don’t like it because of the very high PIF count of 15,158.

The FujiFilm03 looks to be a very good burn. The PIF count is low and the PIF maximum is 2, translating directly to a quality score of 95. I don’t like the PIE “spiking”, but I suspect that this is a LiteOn reading artifact rather than a real problem.

The Prodisc S03 is another very good burn. The PIF count isn’t as low as the Fujifilm03, but it’s close. And the PIF peaks are still the same as the Fuji at 2, leading to a similar quality score of 95%.

Based on this, I’d be inclined to avoid the CMC Mag AE1, but I’d have no problems with either of the other two.

It would be interesting to see how the discs would do on a CDSpeed “Transfer Rate” test when scanned on the NEC.

all 3 disks give a smooth line reading at 6x - 14x on my speed hacked liteon 167

then wouldn’t worry that they have problems cause if there were it wouldn’t be hitting 14x