Which of them is better? Verbatim MCC003 or MCC004

My local store carries both MCC003 and MCC004.
Which one is better?
Is MCC003 packaging same as those of MCC004? (rectangle over recycle sign, serif font for CMC Mag made)

What burner do you have? I’d go the MCC004 if you have a 16x burner (personal preference) but I think they’re both good.


My experience with my LiteOn burners is that the MCC004 burned at 8x is superior to the MCC003 burned at 8x-eh!

I’ve got both right now. And both are good.

The MCC004 will burn at 12x very well on most burners and it’s a fair bit faster than burning 12x on the 8x MCC003 media. It’s up to you. Both media are good IMO.

Which one is cheaper is the real question hehe

I have four flavors of MCC SL stuff–here’s how they work on my Pioneer @ 8x (best to worst):

MIS MCC-003 > MIT (CMC) MCC-004 > MIT (Prodisc) MCC-004 > MIT (CMC) MCC-003


MIT (CMC) MCC-004 > MIS MCC-003 > MIT (Prodisc) MCC-004 > MIT (CMC) MCC-003

The differences in quality are so small that I would just buy whichever is cheaper.

MCC 003 and MCC 004 are roughly equal in quality and are both good to excellent.

If your burner is only rated at 8x, get the MCC 003.

If burning at the highest possible speed is very important to you, then get the MCC 004.

Otherwise I would just get whichever one is cheaper.