Which of the following would never reach Mordor?

Is Mordor in reach for the poor people included in this poll? Why not!? What should they do if they would ever reach Mordor? What would happen?

Yo Mr B-

Looks like we’re the only ones voting-eh!

i voted ninjas wouldnt get to mordor they sux :bigsmile:

hey i voted too…

Having some small previous experience, stoners would never leave the couch to try to get there unless there was pizza or chips and dip on Mordor. :disagree:

ahahahaha :iagree: :bigsmile:

so true, but even if there were muchies on mordor I still don’t think they would make it…they would get a block away from home, forget where they were going, then hit a 7-11 :bigsmile:

the only way stoners would make it to mordor is if the worlds largest pot field was growing there :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that legal there? Are there any laws on Mordor? Would they build a hemp-based space shuttle? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know what mordor’s laws are…but i do know that chuck norris would indeed make it into mordor…
As for people who would not make it, i must agree that stoners would never come close

TheBorg, because they would be eaten up before… assimilated in …

Astronauts. THose spacesuits would slow them down and the lack of oxygen they can carry.

It’s obvious to any rational right-minded individual that Stoned Ninja’s have at least twice the chance to avoid mordordom.

It’s also obvious that Kosmonauts that dabble in a little piracy have the best chance to reach mordor.

My conclusion … Stoned Ninja’s will never get laid by the giant vagina on the mountain top, where as Pirate Kosmonauts are the most likely to get a a bit of action from the Huge evil Pussy :iagree:

Yo all-

It is a [I]proven[/I] fact that Stoners would [I]never[/I] make it to Mordor - 'cause they [I]all[/I] work for DHL - and it is a well proven fact that 99.9% of DHL deliverys never make to the right address - let alone on time - so how could they [I]possibly[/I] find Mordor-eh?

Mike, shows you what you know. Are you experienced :confused: :rolleyes: :bigsmile: And i haven’t had a moving violation in 30 years. :iagree:

DHL drivers are x-cops :bigsmile: :iagree: with a GPS.

Yo Bob-

I rest my case-eh!! :eek: :iagree:

Bet they’d never get laid more than once either … can’t find moroder, can’t find a building … how on earth could they possibly find a clitoris?

I heard that the clitoris is just a myth!

(Wow, this thread went PG13 very fast!)

Of course [B]real pirates[/B] would find Mordor cos there be a big trunk full of thongs there…and as for clits, ha…ever heard of pillaging and that other business (hmmm…one for the Swedes to explain perhaps!)…?

N d a.

I’m changing my official vote to ninjas because i don’t think their ghay pajamas could withstand the trek :wink: