Which of the following "words" do you understand?


Tick all words that you understand.

Know any more kewl “words”? And what words didn’t you know before this poll?

everything i did not tick in the poll :wink:

That’s actually quite a lot :slight_smile:

I don’t understand IMHO …
IMHO is contradictory. If someones opinion was humble, they’d keep it to themselves.

At any rate, l33TSP33K is FUBAR, which is why I don’t use it.

STFU h4x0rz. n00bz r pwn3d 8y |>3br0z m4d sk1llz!
pr0n 4 3/4! //007 !

FUBAR…is that last R for “Recognition” or “Repair”…heard both

Try watching Saving Private Ryan :slight_smile:


lol at camper. Some of the gamer tags I’ve been known to use on Xlink are, Camptacular, DefaultCamper, CampingSpree.

Also, lol rofl lmao brb ymmv pwned :stuck_out_tongue:

hehehe i remember camper from the Rainbow Six days