Which of the following DVD burner will you pick, if you are unable to find BenQ?


My BenQ800 model is dying and I try to find something equivalent w/ lightscribe (I have hundreds of HP lightscribe DVD+R and would like to use them) if at all possible. I have excellent result with this BenQ drive during 3 years period. It ripped and burned DVD movies amazingly fast for a 8X and write reliably on almost any DVD+R media with exception DVD+R Printable Ritek. I try to look for another BenQ such as DW-1655. Unfortunately, I am unable to locate any BenQ drive after several days of searching the net. After searching and reading many reviews I end up with the following selections:

  • Pioneer DVR-111D
  • Nec AD-7170
  • Samsung SHS182M/BEBN

I find mix review for the Samsung. Users at pricegrabber highly recommend it; however, the review from extrememhz (http://www.extrememhz.com/shs182m-p11.shtml) stated otherwise “…the DVD double layer write performance is questionable as it seemed to struggle quite a bit with the +R format, even when using the highest quality media available.”

I have bad experience from LiteOn standalone and LG notebook DVD recorder. LiteOn recordable media DVD+R (no name brand, Sony, Memorex, Ritek) can not be read on any of my DVD player (Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic). There is no sound and the pictures are jittering. LG seldomly used on my Dell laptop broke down (recorder only) after a year or two. So I prefer to stay away from these brands, unless I have absolutely no other choices.

So if it were you, which one will you pick Nec, Pioneer or anything else which can do the aforemention job?

Any comments to make my purchase decision easier would be greatly appreciated.

FYI ZipZoomFly currently shows Benq 1620 in stock for $35 with free shipping. IMO Pioneer has best over all performance of your list, but none are particularly good scanners which is of no importance to me. LiteOn is probably comparable to Benq for scanning which is my recommendation if scanning is important, but go with the Pioneer if scanning isn’t important.

Guys, I owned a 1620 and I currently have a 1655. BenQ is not the Holy Grail of DVD burners. They are pretty good but far from perfect.

The Pioneer 111 does as well as the BenQs on quality media and much better on TYG02 anf TYG03. It is significantly better on MCC 03RG20 as well. The Samsung seems to currently have -R lead in problems and the NECs still have an occasional run with very bad PIF spikes on top of the line TY +R 8X.

I had a number of very unimpressive Pioneer drives before and two of them died way before their time so I was not an easy Pioneer convert. The 111 changed my opinion and the 112 looks as though they are going to continue to take the lead away from NEC.

Hmmm, I just checked ZZF and says the 1620 is not in stock. I agree that the Pioneer 111D is the best bang for the buck writing wise. Also note it can be cross-flashed to a 111L which makes DVD-ROM book typing automatic with +R media. I also own a 1620 and the two are comparable burners. Scanning is what you do for a while then forget it when you use good media like TY or Verb. Just isn’t any point after a while.

One point about scanning. While burners may be consistent, media is not. I still scan every new batch of Verbatim to see what they are screwing around with. The last year, they have butchered MCC 004 from time to time and they are currently messing with MCC 03RG20. Scanning lets me stock up on a good batch and alerts me to variations, many times allowing me to choose Prodisc over CMC or otherwise.

Between the three listed drives, the only drive that supports LightScribe labeling is the Samsung drive. The Pioneer DVR-111/111D and the Sony NEC Optiarc AD-5170…7173A don’t support LightScribe.

If you have to have Lightscribe, I’d go with the Liteon LH-20A1H-185

Thank you all for your input.

Another user from cdrinfo forum suggest this drive LG GSA-H22N.

If a DW1650 is available will you pick the LG or BenQ?



If it’s DW1650 vs. H22N: Definitely LG. :slight_smile:

Benq DW1650. I have both a LG GSA-H22N and a Benq DW1650.

The LG does very good and super fast burns on quality media like real YUDEN000 T03 for example. However it has burned some coasters on some cheap media I got my hands on. Also it doesn’t work with the builtin backup software in Vista and is also incompatible with Retrospect (another backup program).

The Benq however is not as fast as the LG, but is more tolerant with media. For example it burns that cheap media my LG did some coasters with, without problems. Also, it’s compatible with the builtin backup software in Vista.

However, none of these have LightScribe. For LightScribe you need to get the DW1655 or the GSA-H22L. Also NEC doesn’t have LightScribe. Some NEC models have something similar but incompatible that’s called LabelFlash though.

Neither drive supports LightScribe.

The LightScribe version of the BenQ is the DW1655.

The LightScribe version of the LG is the GSA-H22L.

Go with Pioneer if scanning or Lightscribe isn’t important to you.

And there you go. Ask about favorite burners and you get answers from both sides.

The best way to choose is to specify features and then choose your media. That will generally eliminate a lot of different choices. After all, if you ask about cars you can get Jeep and Mustang for choices but if you add off-road it narrows the field.

The truth is, there are very few bad burners anymore, and even my junk NEC 4570 burns one media well.

ZZF must have sold out within minutes when I checked because I’d just checked just before posting which showed in stock at that time.

Your comment is greatly apreciated.

To be on the safe side, I will get one of each. :bigsmile:

As I mention earlier, my main application is to backup my DVD movies collections every three years. So I need a drive that can scan the movies quickly and reliably before ripping it into my HD. If both quick and reliable criteria can’t be achieved then I would go with reliability. Lightscribe is important but not critical. I just want to finish over 100 HP lightscribe media stock and experience for myself how long it will be able to hold before fading out.

FYI, I can’t find either DW1655 or GSA-H22L.

So, final vote, LG or LiteOn.

My guts tell me to pick LG; however, I would like to try the LiteOn for its Lightscibe. I would drop the LiteOn if it is not as good as LG or BenQ.