Which of the 3?

I found 3 CD-R spindels…which of this 3 should I buy, only looking to the quality??

Nashua silver 32x 80min. /700 MB Phthalocyanine (25-pack spindel)

Discplanet lime/strawberry/pineapple/tangerine/blueberry 32x 80min. /700 MB Phthalocyanine (25-pack spindel)

Infiniti 32x 80min. /700 MB Phthalocyanine (25-pack spindel)

So should I take, Nashua, Discplanet or Infiniti?



Infiniti are owned by Memorex if I recall correctly…
Never heard of Nashua, so I’d say Infiniti…
Maybe Discplanet… Colored CD’s are nice… :slight_smile:

BTW, is this ATIP information or just written on the box…?

Infiniti is not owned my Memorex for as far as I know.

Nashua = CMC

Originally posted by Airhead
BTW, is this ATIP information or just written on the box…?

YES it’s ATIP information…

Can anybody say anything about Nashua and Discrete so I can make my choice…



infiniti is the one that all the pirate boys are using at the barras in glasgow also they are using datasafe which is also a very good disk about £18-£20 a spindle of 100 myself i use datasafe and i have not had one bad one they are also phthalocyanine which seems to be the best all round dye

                            cheers  bighun

My pick (best first):

1: Infiniti
2: Discplanet
3: Nashua (CMC Magnetics :mad: )

OC, you keep putting down CMC, but i think they mayhave had a turn around simialar to reitek. I have had 2 cmc Phthalocyanine 100 spindles and they have been fine @ 24x burning, and no probs shown with nero cd speed.
I confess it maybe a different story with the cyanine type :stuck_out_tongue:

Agree with shuebhussain on that one OC. I’ve had a few spools of the same CMC discs this month and they have been perfecto. (We all know you love CMC really! :smiley: )

I try and use Ritek’s whenever I can but I’ve had a number of Ritek branded white top’s that have had all sorts of defects on them, marks, discolouring of the dye, chips on surface. So maybe Ritek are going back the other way. I hope not.

Well, we’ll see :wink:

I’ll do some tests in some time…I may as well prove my own statement to be wrong!! :rolleyes:

Sorry, I realized I was wrong about Infiniti when I woke
up this morning (I really should think of CD-R a little less ;)).
I mixed Precision and Infiniti… :slight_smile:

Eh, blame yourself if you trust an Airhead… :smiley:
But I did pick Infiniti as the best…

And regarding the CMC discussion, I have chewed my way half trough a CMC noname 24x 100 spindle and they work great!
They burn at every speed I want too…
I think CMC has changed something in their manufacturing, cause they are good now! :slight_smile:

I wondered who made Nashua. I was thinking about trying a spindle or two of those because my friends used them.

Interestingly enough, 80min Imation made by CMC did very well in DigitLife’s last roundup…

My CMC-made Imation 74min CD-RWs that are now about 2 years old are still holding up great…

I’ve worked my way partway through a spindle of Fujifilm made by Taiyo Yuden and they have been no less than perfect. I bought 100 Memorex-branded T.Y.'s and have seen a few in there that have some obvious flaws…(almost perfect)

I guess it’s all in the quality control. :rolleyes:

Well, CMC media always had performed poorly for me, on my old LG 16x recorder, be it whatever brand it was, or unbranded.

But now, when I bought my new 32x recorder, I was surprised to see that CMC is actually on the recommended media for 32x writing list, along with only a few other manufacturers! (Ricoh, Mitsubishi Chemical, Taiyo Yuden, CMC, Prodisc and Fusion (?) discs)

I’m starting to wonder if they really are good discs…

how many read errors is bad [with Nero CD speed] - i got some errors with a cd quality check but the overall percentage was 0.000%!! (<— a little oftopic :p)

What drive are you using and what speed do you have it set to read?

My LTR-32123S never gives me any C2 errors (I wonder if SMART-X hides them sometimes), but my DVD drive (Creative DVD8400E) will give a few (0-5 yellow squares in ScanDisc) near the end of the disc unless I slow down the read speed. I’ve seen it spike over 500 in the Quality test.

I should also mention that the 8400E also has problems with a couple commercially-pressed discs that I have.

Hmm… So, C2 errors really ARE reader-dependant…
But… Are discs with low C2 (But still some C2) in the writer considered “reliable” (ie will last as long as those without it)?

I really don’t know. Seeing the occasional C2 on a freshly-burned disc with my DVD drive does have me paranoid…:confused:


I raised an issue of the infamous ‘C2’ errors shown by CDSpeed and the red-sector at the end of many but not all burnt discs a few weeks back. This occured with different media and 3 different Plextor writers.

My Mitsui x24 discs never show any error in any test :slight_smile:

Howver, since completely removing all traces of nero from my machine and loading the latest (well, at the time) version my discs never show the red sector at the end of the burn with my own Plextor 241040a - unlike previously. The duff discs (DiskRites and a few tdk) still suffer from slowdown during testing and occasional yellow sectors - but the end red sector has gone for good - fingers crossed.


Well I get the red sector even If i use my old and very crappy Acer drive, which by the way CDSpeed claims can’t display read errors. So it’s definitley a software issue…

It’s like having a rolling car whitout wheels… :cool:

Originally posted by godzilla525
What drive are you using and what speed do you have it set to read?
Max on a 24102B.


Well, I write at x4 or x12 - mostly x4 on my 241040a - yeah, I know, not one for the write at full speed on rated or unrated media. This is with the Mitsui silver/gold x24 media.

If I write at x12 even from a fresh re-boot with nothing else going on, I would occasionally need to have the burn-proof do it’s thing - I have PIO for the writer as DMA is not selectable despite bios and other checks. It was there initially, but after a few reboots it will dissapear from the writer sel-dialog for good - windows eh!