Which of Plex's is better reader? (On bad burns)




And the second question: Is there a drive for PC that could read as many of old, bad and various media as BBK’s players does? Or what is the closest one?


AFA audio cd’s goes, I got excellent results with my PX40TSi :), but thinking of newer drives, the 716 and later are good.


Couldn’t say which is the better reader out of all, but I’ve had a 716A and a 760A and both of them suck as readers.
I’ve even burned CDRWs with them that they subsequently couldn’t read fully, but my ancient Pioneer slotloader could!

And the 760A seems to get hung up on newer copy protected discs - Yet again I had to crack a game (This time NWN2; 760A wouldn’t even read the DVD!) just to play it!
(To be fair, not all their fault; Plextors are very picky about standards, and since copy protection means breaking of standards…)

They’re fantastic burners, but mediocre readers.


As far as audio CD’s go, the PX4012 IDE drive is the only drive that has read my scratched test CD all the way through without giving up. Everything else has given up part way through and thrown up an error message.