Which of my DVD writers should I use for writing?



So over the years (since registering at CDfreaks), I have picked up many optical drives.

Benq DW1655 (rivaled the Plex Premium II in performance I remember)
Pioneer DVR-216D
Samsung SH-S223F
Liteon LH-20A1L

I burn using high quality media and EAC. Which should I use for the best CD writes?

How about DVD writes? I’ve been using the DW1655 regularly.


For CD writing the BenQ or Pioneer, for DVD everyone of them is capable to deliver good burns. You have the LiteOn and BenQ to test which one is doing the best job with your media.


I would use the pioneer for cd/dvd burning and the benq for testing cd’s, for dvd’s the liteon is a good choice, but not for cd’s.


Exactly. You have 2 good drives to quality test your burns :iagree:


Only the BenQ can properly test CD burns. All the others fail at that task.

For DVD testing, you should use the BenQ or Lite-On preferably, and the Samsung can be on the bench as a backup.

For writing DVDs, use the BenQ with firmware BCIB, and use QSuite to disable SolidBurn for both known and unknown media (In other words, turn SolidBurn completely off [SB=OFF/OFF]. It has a bug with later firmwares, and it isn’t even needed with most burning situations anyway). Only feed the BenQ good quality DVD media.

Keep the Lite-On handy for burning crappy DVD media. A Lite-On drive with Force Hyper Tuning (FHT) turned ON can often work miracles with some of the most mediocre or crappy MIDs on the planet.

For writing CDs, things get a bit fuzzy, so I would stick with the BenQ. Although Pioneer and Samsung drives are generally known as being good CD burners, their latest models have not been as impressive according to recent tests, so the BenQ is the safe choice. Lite-On is generally not considered to be good at CD burning, so that’s automatically disqualified.


Hi :slight_smile:
BenQ for scanning:
Lite-On as a reader/ripper:
Samsung for burning CDR’s:
Pioneer for DVD’s, especially DL.