Which NForce2 motherboard for XP 2500?

I’m going to order an Athlon XP 2500 processor for a dedicated burning machine, and I was wondering which motherboard you all would recommend? I’m for the most part an Intel guy, so I’m not real familiar with which chipset’s IDE controllers are better, etc… (Nforce 2, Via, etc…)

From what I’ve read so far, I want a Nforce2 chipset, and I usually buy Asus boards. So their Nforce2 board at Newegg is THIS ONE. They also show another Asus Nforce2 board for $4.50 more than the first one.

So, could you all tell me which of those boards I should get, or if I should go with another board? I know I’ve seen a lot of people with Abit NF7 boards. There are 4 different Abit “NF7” boards listed at NewEgg. If you would recommend the Abit NF7, could you tell me which one (of the 4 at newegg) you would get?

Again, the main thing is stability (PC will never be turned off), and of course good IDE controllers.(or as good as possible) I’m at the mercy of you guys as far as the IDE stuff on the Nforce boards, because I don’t know anything about them.

BTW, if anyone has memory recommendations, please let me know. And if you have a similar setup to this, and it has worked well for you, let me know what your setup is. Thanks.

I’d look at the MSI K7N2 Delta Platinum, which has replaced the top-end MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR that I owned. Similar board but with gig ethernet. That board was perfect, and had every feature available.

I’m not a fan of ASUS’ Nforce2 boards, but that’s because a number of them did not come with the 4-pin 12v power supply connector, which has given added stability to the boards that use it. By the way, the second board you show for $4.50 more is different in that it has onboard Geforce 4MX video. For a server this might prove useful; if you are planning on gaming with this system, it’s not the option I would take.

If you want an nForce2 mainboard I’d to go for the “old” Abit NF7-S v2.0, the new southbridges with Giga Ethernet blows performance-wise.
Since the NF7-S is pretty hard to come by I think that you would be satisfied with this DFI mainboard.

@LoneWolf15, I’ve always heard good things about those MSI boards. NewEgg has that board in stock.

@DiiZzy, I might look at pricewatch and see if anyone has NF7-S v2.0’s in stock. If I don’t find one, I’ll probably go with the MSI board.

Can you all tell me if these Athlon XP procs, or the Nforce2 chipset is “picky” with memory?


@DiiZzy, is THIS the Abit NF7-S board you were talking about?

Okay I work for a computer company called directron.com so I’m going to giver a bit of information based on all my info

MSI boards have the highest failure and return rate out of any motherboard we sell, even worse than ECS and Biostar wich are low level

The Abit NF7-S is an excellent board and I have personally used it in one of my systems.

As nforce2 goes I like the Nforce2 ultra chipset over the others, and here is a motherboard that I HIGHLY reccommend and have in 3 of my personal systems, as well as in the gaming rigs that we have set up in out LAN center:


you will not find better bang for your buck than the AN35N, and shuttle is an excellent company that offers the best tech support I’ve gone through. Their XPC systems and motherboards are hard to beat.

it’s cheaper from newegg and the link is above.

Again I urge you to stay away from MSI. We have more returns of MSI than any other brand.

Hope I was of some help!


Thanks a lot for the info. I’ve ordered many many things from Directron. I remember back in the early days when they first setup their yahoo store. One of the few places on the web where I could get black components. Beige was still beautiful at the time.:bigsmile: Thanks.

Your first choice is the best choice! “A7N8X” . The second choice would be the Abit NF7S… The MSI stuff is basically “hot when it’s hot” and otherwise a nightmare 75% of the time… :wink: :wink:

This is IMHO, but since I’ve built a 1000+ of this configuration this is were I land…


Speed : AN7 do best result… Better than NF7-S and any other up to 250 FSB :

  • Soft Menu is best menu OC in BIOS

  • Vcore upto 2.35v

  • Vram upto 3.2v

-Vdd upto 1.75 enough for 250 FSB…

  • very stably if U use modded BIOS… never Corrupt BIOS

  • all components of MOBO are very good quality…

High FSB : DFI LanParty Ultra B , can do 270 upto 280…

  • Vcore 2.0v

  • Vram : 3.3v

  • Vdd : 1.9v :open_mouth:

sometime ( 3 times with me :frowning: ) corrupt BIOS… Use Modded BIOS for better but can’t say never… If corrupt BIOS use Hot Flash way…

I like AN7 very much… I can do thorton 2000+@2.85GHz, 2500+@2.6GHz, 2400+ XP-M ( Barton Mobile )@ 2.75GHz… and 250 FSB… but U can pick DFI LanParty Ultra B if U have very good Ram, good cooler ( watercooling ) and very good PSU…

Good luck…

This is all fantasy stuff… He’s trying to build a reliable system to process video, not OC 'till the $h!t blows up… :cool:

no OC :iagree: … never stop system… is in the dream…



hmm anyway I Thinks U shoould go with ASUS A7N8X Deluxe 4 good quality@ DF :D… or DFI LanParty for 4xSATA Raid 0, 1, 0+1… + 4xIDE…

If U have Problem with Any Optical… Try remove nVidia IDE Driver…

So the A7N8X would be a good board? That’s a good thing. This would have been the first time I hadn’t purchased an Asus board in over 8 or 9 years.

I won’t be overclocking this system, but features are always a plus.

Thanks guys.

@ [H]itman
Yes, that would be it.

I’m telling you though, if you like the A7n and the NF7 just go with the shuttle AN35N and save a few bucks, especially if you aren’t overclocking then some of the features those boards have is just wasted. All you need is a good reliable board that can handle anything you throw at it. The AN35N is really the way to go.

Yes I found the ASUS A7N8X Deluxe boards to be very good, most DVD burners seem to like it as well , I use Lite-On’s and been getting very good burns, better then some of the KProbes tests I seen people getting with Nec or some of the other brands of burners. That’s why I keep using Lite-On’s . I don’t have any problems with the Nforce 2 drivers but if they are giving you any problems you can use a modified version and they work better than the MS one.

FYI, any mainboard works with a burner.

Yes good to hear that :slight_smile: ! But not all Mainboards are the same, all DVD burners also burn DVD’s :slight_smile:

Sorry, but there is no relationship between your posted scan and the make/model of your motherboard… :wink:

I have the same exact board (from NewEgg also) and CPU running now for over 6 months without any problems. Like yourself, I also have 4 optical drives attached to it, but NEC/Benq/AOpen internal, LiteOn external (beige didn’t match the black ;)). I have the HD on a Promise controller since I wanted to use the onboard controller for the ODDs. All except the IDE drivers from nVidia were installed. I also have 1394 and Hauppauge PCI cards installed, so that only leaves 2 PCI slots open (one next to AGP is not completely blocked, but didn’t want to put any card there to block the fan on the GPU). One DIMM is still unused, but I don’t see any need to get past 1-GB for my needs.

When I had moved the HD from the onboard to Promise controller, WXP had no problems in redetecting the change and adjusted it accordingly. I was able to OC the XP2500+ to XP3200+ briefly, even though the production date indicated locked multipliers; BIOS allowed up to 14x, IIRC.

Granted, it’s not always on, but I can’t complain about the quality it has served me. I did find it odd that the P4 4-plug power wasn’t required. One factor that led me to this board was the placement of the IDE and power plugs, which from reading dozen reviews beforehand, they seem to be in the ideal area.