Which new movie excites you the most?

Since I have no interest in games, I thought I’d create a poll minus the poll options about movie(s) that excites you the most (no p0rn please). It doesn’t matter if the movie just came out, coming out soon, in production, or just a rumor.

For me, they are:
Star Wars Episode 3 (just saw the trailer the other day)
The new Batman movie

(except porn ones :wink: )

Dunno :expressionless:
I’m not a big fan of movies or games. If there’s alot of hype & great reviews, i might grab a copy of it, or watch it at the cinema, or maybe eventually download it if i can find it.

I gather you’re not interested in the next installment of Harry Potter then? :bigsmile:

Shark Tale is wonderful in my opinion.

waiting on charlie and the chocolate factory

Coming Pixar movies Cars and the Incredibles look nice.

Any Sci-Fi movie. Can’t get enough of them.

looking forward to Blade:Trinity
and the north american dvd release of Casshern

/me fell asleep during Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Ass-Cabana.

I just watched Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow and found it quite nice. Why? Because of the 60’s feeling it gives you (60’s scifi style).

Besides that, Shark tale was fun, Napoleon Dynamite is great as well…

dunno about movies but this trailer is sick


Anacondas hunt for the black orchidee (or something like that).

Just curious if the snakes are as fake as in the movie Anaconda.

Night time sharpens
Heightens each sensation
Darkness wakes
And stirs imagination
Silently the senses
Abandon their defenses
Helpless to resist the notes I write
For I compose the music of the night

(In case you don’t know what that is from, that’s from Phantom of the Opera, which, unfortunately, will not be released in the USA until January. The British, however, will get to see it in December. Oh, how I envy you, Dee-27.)

Shrek II is the last new movie I saw and found it very good.

Resident Evil : Nemesis was a load of shit.

I’d like to see Jessica Alba as Sue Storm/Invisible Girl in the upcoming Fantastic 4 movie. I’m also looking forward to the new Superman movie, IF it ever gets off the ground (it’s been in development hell for the past few years now).

Castway (the Tom Hanks one)

Waited for Troy, as I like historical movies. Bought it. Well, not bad, but I had an impression that at the end the director got tired and said: “Guys, just kill him quickly, finish it and we can go home”.

Blade 3
Star Wars 3
The Hobbit
Probably AvP as well.

Star Wars episode III: Return of the Sith