My wife has a Dell laptop for work. I am looking for a good Network card for her to use at HotSpots and home. Could anyone recommend one that would be the best choice. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thank you :bow:

I would think a Linksys would be the way to go. Since they are available in all the retail stores the pricing on them is usually very competitive, but all the cards are good, you might think about a wireless N, since they are backwards compatible with wireless G.

See if your Dell has preloaded antenii in the mini PCI slot, those are usually able to rpovide greater DBi than a PCMCIA card as they extend all the way around the screen and cause less clutter so it doesnt stick out of the notbook itself, also you free up your pcmcia card. Any wireless G or N mode card should suffice and look for Intel Pro cards they are IMO the best but any major bra dname like linksys or D-Link etc… will do.

If you I have Mini PCI-slot or Mini PCI Express-slot I can highly recommend you to get the following cards.

Gigabyte GN-WIAG02 - Mini PCI
Gigabyte GN-WI01GT - Mini PCI Express
These cards have very good sensitivity (long range) and have good drivers and support since they are both based on the same Atheros-chip (Atheros is the best WLAN-chip around). They may be a bit hard to find in stores although you can find em on eBay otherwise. Highly recommended and they’re usually cheap too, I paid ~25 bucks for mine (WI01GT) and got a cards that’s faster and way better than Intel’s 3945 ABG network card. I’d stay away from Intel’s WLAN cards, they bad in terms of performance and range and the Linux support is quite poor too. Most generic cards use Broadcom chips which are in general quite stable but they rarely get driver updates and have bad range similar to Intel’s WLAN cards.

This card should be fine if you want a cardbus one (Atheros too)

You can find a list over at http://madwifi.org/wiki/Compatibility

I’d highly recommend you to get a miniPCI or mini PCI Express card if possible though.


Thank you for your feedback. I just ordered the SMC. I appreciate your time. Thanks again.