Which nero for blueray?

I have nero 7 on a computer with a new blueray/hd-dvd rom drive. I have nero 8 on another computer (I could uninstall both and swap copies on computers). I’m mainly looking to playback and rip movie only to my htpc (maybe even compress a little). Nero’s site of course is vague. It seems that both versions are blueray capable with a 25$ plugin, but it also seems that nero has pulled the plugin from their site (maybe trying to push nero 9).

So is nero 9 my only option for this (with nero, I know dvd fab can some of it)? Are there any good free tools like dvd decryptor or shrink for blue ray? I have tried digging through the toold listed on video help but I’m still wadding through all the programs and what they do). Fyi, I have anydvd-hd to help with ripping but it only rips the whole movie. IS there a clone dvd version for blueray yet? I also may want to play with bd9/bd5 (blueray on dvd media) down the road but don’t really have a need for it now.

Nero 7 and 8 with Blu-ray/HD DVD Video Plug-in doesn’t support BD-Live. Also Nero ShowTime uses 50% more CPU than PowerDVD. One movie I’ve tested, Nero 8 (Showtime) uses 35-45% of my C2Q while PowerDVD 9 20%-25%.

I haven’t tried Nero 9 yet, but if you want to rip and shrink Blu-ray, and you already own AnyDVD HD, these freeware tools are available and they are great for processing Blu-ray:

  • BD Rebuilder (like DVDShrink but for Blu-ray),
  • TSMuxer
  • TsRemux
  • MultiAVCHD

PS: You can rip blu-ray to ISO or Files with AnyDVD HD ripper, or even ImgBurn while AnyDVD HD enabled.

Thanks. Thats just the information I was looking for.
Can power dvd play from a ripped blueray though (off the hard drive)? Thats one of the things that I always liked about nero with dvd’s is the ease with which it would play ripped dvd’s from a folder. I’m kind of hoping hardware acceleration will take care of heavy cpu usage (2600xt) as my htpc only has a single core athlon 64 3400. I have a dual core intel in another computer that I could use, but I have become quite attached to abit motherboard running the athlon (quite well setup for an htpc with the hardware I have but it only supports single core athlons). I have an athlon 64 3000 that will get 40-50% overclocks easy if I wind up needing a little more speed (the 3400 was a working pull from an abandoned system with a dead MB and power supply but I haven’t tried overclocking it yet). So far the 3400 running stock has played the few movies I have tried fine (with power dvd) so I’m guessing the video card is doing its job.
My copy of power dvd is an oem copy that came with a blueray-rom drive though (I wonder if playback function is limited on the oem version, and that is why I cannot play from a ripped folder)?

I’ve never tried any of the Nero Showtime versions for Blurays, but I do also have the OEM version of PowerDVD… but dropped that and got Arcsofts’ TMT… seems to play all the Blurays with their menus far better. Also have heard many owners of PowerDVD complaining about the newer versions not functioning as the older versions used to, might be good to read more about what the issues are with the newer versions of PowerDVD.

You can also use MPC-HC, configured correctly, to play the Blurays from the folder or from the m2ts files themselves… one shortcoming though is that the menus may not function… only manual ability to go from playlist to playlist.
Then of course WMP-11 can play the m2ts files directly… pretty great as well, IMHO… Just cannot open from the folders however, thus no menus functionality.

Thanks. I’ll look into those programs.