Which Nero filters do u use for AudioCds?

Syp all,

I just wanted to ask for those of you who play with Nero’s settings. For creating AudioCDs what fileters do u use and what settings (the default). I usually use the hiss remover and the normalize with the defaults.

I think from what i read that Feurio is considered the best audioCD program, however, I LOVE the filters in Nero and esp. the hiss remover. And d/l mp3 I find a lot of them are no crispy and since I d/l tons of them at once, I dont even have time to listen to them to determine the clarity. I do no think that there is other good program that does the job without totally distorting the sound. Well I have tried all the audio editors, cool edit pro, soundforge, all that crap. First it takes ages to get one song straight and second the noise remover screws up the file totally. K, please give some advice on the topic. Looking forward to your help.

thanks in advance.


I have not tried the filters in Nero but I will now. Have you tried the program called EncSpot? It’s checks the quality of downloaded mp3 files and tells you what program they were ripped with. It’s free. I also like a program called Mp3gain for normalizing mp3s before burning them. It works well

If the mp3’s are from different sources I use RMS (root-mean-square) normalization. It is a lot better than the maximum one.

Also sometimes Fade In and out.


[QUOTE]Originally posted by scum1
[B]I have not tried the filters in Nero but I will now. Have you tried the program called EncSpot?

hey man,

this program is awesome !! just tried it! THANKS !!!

KurtCocain: I don’t know where you are living, but I suppose that about 90% of the MP3s you are downloading are illegaly obtained. If so, please go ahead and enjoy your illegal activities, but do not refer to them on this forum.

About the filters in Nero: I like the normalisation filter, cause it is easy and good!

Glad you like the program kurtcocaine. It’s free so thats even better. Even legit sources for dloaded music don’t always have the best quality or don’t use the best encoder. Thats still a problem to be ironed out by the pay services though. Till then though encspot is a must have program