Which Nec Dvd writer

I think my Nec 3540 is on it`s way out, When I burn some audio cds they will jump on my Sony cd player,

looking to replace it, which is the best model to go for, so many different models? Dont want to mess with different firmware etc, just want perfect burns with Verb 16x media

The 4570 is not yet any good and the 4550 is not yet in the US so the only choice is the 3550 (essentially the same as the 4550 without RAM).

I would look for a 3520 but otherwise you only have one choice. Do some looking for scans of 16X media. The only one in the US I can recommend is Verbatim MCC 004 +R. It is pretty good but some individual discs don’t do well.

Might be a while before you can actually see any images on the site.

So what you are saying is, the new Nec drives are not as good as the old ones? seems a strange state of affairs? :confused:

Well, the 3500 is probably the best they have made to date, closely followed by the 3520. The 3540 never had a very good reputation and the 3550 was better than the 3540 but I have never compared it to the older models. The 4570 is brand new and all NEC drives have needed many iterations of firmware to reach their best. Unfortunately, my 4570 is junk on otherwise good media (MCC and TY T02). It is only good on TYG02.

I have no idea why NEC has this pattern of bad firmware slowly followed by good. You would think that they would have figured out how to burn TY T02 by now, but apparently not.

If I were you, I would switch to a different brand. I love NEC drives, but they are a very frustrating company. Given that Liteon now owns BenQ, you could look at Liteon, the BenQ 1655, the Pioneer 111, or the LG 4166. All of these have been very good burners for me.

If you really want to burn at 16X, the LG 4166 is the only current burner that does so without problems. All the other burners are better at 12X.

Not all NEC drives burn like this.
My own 4570 and 4571 are very good.
My 3540 was awesome, and my 3520 was poor.
4550 and 4551. were ok but not great.

I would still buy NEC before any other brand. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, my 3520 was every bit the equal to my 3500 using your firmware. Maybe we used different media, but I posted some time ago using 7 different types and my conclusions were fairly well supported by others.

On another point, I would love to see some good scans from TY +R or MCC burned on your 4570 (scanned on a Liteon or BenQ please). The three or four of us here in the US have all but abandoned this drive for anything but TYG02 and we would love to find out what we are doing wrong.

I don’t think you can be doing anything wrong:)

A few results in this article. http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/259
I have posted a few others including a firmware modified to burn T02 with a new strategy. But as forum images are not working at the moment, i can’t direct you to those.

If however you are interested in this modified firmware. (members who already tried had good results) drop me a PM with your email address.

Well I need to replace soon, do you think the Pioneer 111 will give the best results, I will only be using quality media, just bought 200 verbatims 16x,

Is the pioneer 111 the best choice using this media?

What exact media??

verbatims 16x full face print, I got - and +

Thanks for your offer. PM sent. I looked at those scans and none of the +R looks acceptible. The MCC 003 is really bad, especially the PIF peaks. Thanks for the link.

I have had very good results with MCC 004 in the Pioneer 111 at 12X. Just remember there are three kinds and you should avoid the made in India. Currently the CMC seem to be better than the Prodisc.

Only thing is all the verbs are MCC 03RG20 made in singapore would I get good results with a Pioneer 111?

^MIS? For sure! Best MCC discs out there.

Just found a company selling an NEC ND3550A, would I still be better off going for the Pioneer, with verbatim media???

MCC004 should give you superb results - like [B]chas0039[/B] posted.

Just found a company selling an NEC ND3550A, would I still be better off going for the Pioneer, with verbatim media???

Either drive should burn them well
If you require DVD-RAM then the 111 would be a better choice.
If you want a faster reader then the 3550 would be the better choice.

Right, thanks for that, so I should stick with Nec 3550 and Verbatim media, that will give me the most reliable burns :iagree:

That not only depends on the drive itself and the firmware and media, also on other things like good cables, a good PSU, a good setup…