Which NEC drive would you buy and why?

This will be my first DVD drive. I mainly want to use it for backup, but I certainly will be using it for entertainment purposes also. I know of the updated firmwares released here in the forum that greatly increases compatibility and speed with media. Please advise as to which you think is a better product/buy. I think it should be a no-brainer with the 2510A but I’d like to get some feedback from ones who have this drive or know something to the contrary. Thanks!

ND-2500A/GW for $66

ND-2510A BLK for $73

Its all up to you I guess, some people picked the 2510, I chose the 2500a

check out the thread I started.


For $7 more? Just get the 2510 just in case NEC did some tweaking as they claim.

I have had the 2510 for about 2 weeks now and I like it, I burnt about 10 4x DVD-R’s and I had no problems. Today I got a sampler pack for 8x media, we’ll see how that goes. I have the modified 2.16 firmware on it.

It depends, I got my first 2500a for $19.99, My second for $25. Which you could get now at OfiiceMax.

I remember seeing a Maddog or Kypermedia for $50 after rebates in the circular, but I don’t remember seeing anything for $25. Under what brand. Its not at slickdeals.net.

Maddog is a 2500.

Get the new Nec 3500a, Why? 16x for both -R/+R and 4x DL :bow:

My Mad Dog from officemax was just delivered 15 minutes ago, and installed fine. 1.06 firmware was preinstalled, updated to 1.07b5.

Anyways, it’s a 2500A, and it was $25. I have a thread in the bargains section to show you how to get it for the same price.